What’s in Your Neighborhood, Karrie Dean?

What’s in Your Neighborhood, Karrie Dean?

Karrie Dean is a designer who found something she loves creating the way many of us have – by losing her job in advertising. Happy Habitat purveys some of the softest blankets with the best graphics you’ve ever set eyes on, and they’re the kind of cozy soft you just can’t get enough of. The small batches produced help to keep things fresh and interesting, as well as ethical and transparent. We talked to Karrie a little bit about her favorite parts of where she runs her business and spends her time in Kansas City.

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I can explain over and over the Kansas City, Kansas / Kansas City, Missouri situation, but people don’t seem to get it unless you visit or are from here. I live in Kansas, but am probably in Missouri more. If someone mentions ‘Kansas City’ they are most likely talking about the Missouri side since that’s where downtown is (I know, weird because it’s ‘Kansas City,’ and there’s also a city in Kansas called Kansas City – confused yet?)

Perhaps it’s a gift to be landlocked here in Kansas City because it forces us to focus on other things. I would say Kansas City is a creative town – all about good food, music, and an arts scene. We are midwest people: we talk slow, we walk slow, and look strangers in the eye when we pass on the street and most likely smile and say hello. We are a sharing city, a city that encourages entrepreneurs without being competitive because we want the best for each other.

Town Topic Hamburgers

There are too many good, award-winning restaurants to mention, many of the chefs/owners are friends, or have become friends – so pretty much pick a place and it will be good. After a night of music and fun, hit up 24/7 Town Topic for our local burgers. Simple, unpretentious, old school style.

Crossroads Hotel

My new favorite place to meet a friend is the Crossroads Hotel. Whether you’re on the rooftop checking out birds eye views of the city, or in their lounge, it feels like home. It’s a beautiful space where you can wander through a local art gallery in the lobby, eat good food, and relax.

Golden & Pine

My favorite home shopping in Kansas City is hands down Golden & Pine, and not just because they carry my throws. The owner and girls that work there are sweethearts, and the shop carries modern brands that you can’t find anywhere else in town. They’re regularly on the lookout for fresh finds, whether they be vintage or artisanal, and the shop is curated to have little vignettes that will inspire fresh changes in your own home.

Hit up the Crossroads on First Fridays for the latest gallery openings and art exhibits. My favorite art piece recently has been Reflecting Motion at Union Station, I could have stayed there for hours mesmerized by Patrick Shearn’s installation. I went to see his piece in LA last year, but missed it as it had already been taken down, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that he had chosen Kansas City for his next installation. I’m proud that artists view our city as one that appreciates art and pieces such as this one.

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