What’s It Like To Work From Bed For A Week

It’s been many months since many of us were introduced to a work-from-home setup, and by now we’re used to it. Many places in our homes, such as tables and sofas now have become makeshift offices. But if there’s a place that is rarely converted to a workplace, it would be the bed, and that is for good reason.

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“When we use our bed for other activities, like working,… we create an association with wakefulness. We want the bed to be a cue for sleep, and working in bed weakens this association,” behavioral sleep medicine therapist Annie Miller told Healthline.

But working from bed has its pros, too.

Counsellor Kerry Quigley, accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, has also linked working from bed to lower anxiety. “Working from the comfort of your bed can feel like a safe calming space, particularly when anxiety is an issue,” she’s said.

Snigdha Bansal has documented her experience working from bed for a week. See her story over at Vice.

(Image Credit: Snigdha Bansal/ Vice)

Source: neatorama

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