What’s That Black Ring Of Smoke In Disneyland?

Spoiler alert: it wasn’t something that people should be really worried about. A video has resurfaced on the Internet showing a ‘disturbing’ black ring over Disneyland. Now, this footage was old. Taken in 2016 by Kyle Hawkins, the footage displays a gigantic smoke ring above the crowds in the California theme park. 

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While other Internet users speculate about what it could be (some even say that it’s like an alien portal), or some joke about the park vaping itself, the explanation behind this phenomenon is quite simple. The ring is from the fire blast during the World of Color show at California Adventure. “I know this because I work there,” the Redditor said. “I used to lmfao at people freaking out over this.”

Image screenshot via Kyle Hawkins/YouTube

Source: neatorama

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