What’s the “Secret” to Successfully Losing Weight?

David Niose’s weight has been creeping up over the years. Eventually, about three years ago, his weight tipped the scale at an unhealthy 208 pounds. His doctor informed him that he was 25 pounds over the high end of his healthy weight range, setting himself up for serious health issues going forward. Clearly, he had to do something.

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Rather than turn to the latest popular diet, I decided to take a reason-based approach. That is, instead of following the dictates of some trendy diet prescription—”eat this, don’t eat that,” etc.—I tried to understand the subject in a more holistic way. Why had my weight crept up over the years? What should I be eating? I looked at the established facts surrounding weight control and healthy eating, and tried to apply rational thinking to my situation. No fads, no miracle diets. The result was not a quick fix to deliver temporary weight loss, but changes in thinking about food and diet that resulted in sensible lifestyle adjustments.

That was in early 2017. Almost immediately I started losing weight slowly but steadily, a couple of pounds or so per week at first, a bit slower as time went on, until I leveled out six months later at about 170. I’ve hovered around that weight for the last two years, weighing in this morning at 168.

What was his secret? Find out on Psychology Today.

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