“What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” Online Group Has Owners Posting Pics Of Their Malfunctioning Cats And Here Are 97 Of The Funniest Ones (New Pics)

It wouldn’t surprise anyone to say that one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in this crazy world is cat logic. It’s something so common that we don’t think twice about our cats acting weird, but the whole question “Why?” remains in the back of our minds pretty much all the time.

There are volumes upon volumes of books and articles from feline behavior specialists created to help us navigate through the weird and oddly wonderful world of cats, but they too seem to fall short when it comes to practice. From cat sits and cat crazes, to cats pspspsps’ing you and jumping their way through the ceiling in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, these are just some quirky things felines do.

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Thanks to the subreddit “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” all catto owners have a safe place to talk about hard things in a bid to get this question answered one day. At the same time, weird cat behavior is the perfect laughing material that combines ensued hilarity, high levels of surprise, and unpredictable furry balls. Because honestly, the world without them would be a miserable place that we, the cat people, would refuse to set foot in.

Pss! Part 1 of malfunctioning cat pics from the same subreddit is right here.

#1 Does Anyone Else’s Cat Sit Like This Or Are Yours Normal?

Image credits: yungkrueger

#2 Cat On Television

Image credits: imgur.com

#3 Alright Then

Image credits: elefantinxd

In a previous interview, we reached out to the creator of the “What’s Wrong With Your Cat” subreddit, which, at the time, had 200k members. Since being featured on Bored Panda 5 months ago, the community has expanded to 239k members.

The redditor just-a-traveler said that he got the idea to create the subreddit after seeing “What’s Wrong With Your Dog.” It was meant to be a companion subreddit for cat people.“Both subreddits serve as a place for folks to show off their pets being goofs,” he said. He was also laconic when asked about the idea behind it: “the images pretty much speak for themselves.”

But there must be a reason to explain odd cat behavior and it must be down to their instincts that helped felines to thrive in the wild for millions of years. Throughout time, cats became solitary predators and stealthy prey, which basically combined two opposite modus operandi simultaneously.

Thus, our beloved furry balls are goofy, unpredictable, and jumpy, which makes them particularly interesting to observe.

#4 Caught The Cat Hunting Lady Bugs This Morning

Image credits: ThopterFox

#5 I Think He Wants To Come Inside

Image credits: IvoryHeket

#6 Liquid Cat

Image credits: jasontaken

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#7 Got The Lockdown Covid Crazies

Image credits: MintyMat

#8 Oh Sorry….was I Interrupting…..something?

Image credits: CatVonTea

#9 Just Watchin’ TV

Image credits: ThinWhiteRogue

#10 She Yells Until I Let Her Join Me In The Bathtub

Image credits: aquickcupofcoffee

#11 He’s Not Allowed In The Bathroom Because He Will Try His Best To Get Into The Toilet. This Is His Act Of Protest

Image credits: 2clapsNaRicFlair

#12 I Prefer Napkin

Image credits: ottotherepoman

#13 Every Time I Shower

Image credits: I_stay_sideways

#14 He Does This A Lot…

Image credits: Hark-a-kitty

#15 Goose Has The Ability To Scare The Crap Out Of Us. Should’ve Called Him Johnny

Image credits: YourNameWisely

#16 Sometimes Winston Invents Brand New Shapes

Image credits: LadyRddt

#17 Ok Then

Image credits: DosioFvcks

#18 He Sleeps Like A Thanksgiving Turkey

Image credits: Jl_15

#19 He Carries His Ball Into The Tub And Knocks It Around For Hours And Then Passes Out

Image credits: Glitterworks

#20 Look At My Toe Beans

Image credits: PressxStart

#21 My Very Photogenic Kitten, Link

Image credits: Niluro

#22 She’ll Hold This Pose Until You Pet Her…

Image credits: reddit.com

#23 We’ve Adopted An Idiot. A Dramatic Idiot

Image credits: cpw77

#24 Hmm

When the cat pspspspsps’s you

Image credits: jasontaken

#25 My Friend’s Cat Is… Special

Image credits: reddit.com

#26 That’s The Look Of “Don’t Go To Sleep Tonight Or Else”

Image credits: reddit.com

#27 Reggie Loves Rugs

Image credits: nugmuff

#28 What Did I Do To Merit This

Image credits: reddit.com

#29 Henrik Chomped My Cactus The Other Day. I Was Taking A Picture With Him And The Puncture Marks He Left When He Went In For A Second Chomp. He’s A Very Special Boy

Image credits: Avocado_Green28

#30 Mistakes Were Made

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#31 The Deadly Combination Of One Cat That Likes Hidey Holes And Another Cat That Sits On Boxes

Image credits: KittyBiscuitsForSale

#32 He’s Been Sitting Like This For 15 Minutes. It’s Starting To Scare Me

Image credits: zarkvark

#33 Godzilla?

Image credits: reddit.com

#34 My Cat Likes To Sit And Clean Her Toes By Chewing On Them

Image credits: r3tardat10n

#35 I Just Can’t With Noodle’s Face

Image credits: friendlynoodless

#36 My Sisters Cat Is Obsessed With Whatever She’s Doing, All The Time!

Image credits: reddit.com

#37 The Late Afternoon Sun Casts Shadows From Our Window Blinds. He’s Like This Every Day

Image credits: RedBanana99

#38 He’s Sitting But He Does Not Fit

Image credits: indyandzoe206

#39 It’s What You Get For Being Greedy

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#40 His New Toy Sparked An Existential Crisis

Image credits: reddit.com

#41 Hello Ladies, Welcome To The Penthouse

Image credits: Skorp678

#42 That Doesn’t Go There

Image credits: Stoon_Slar

#43 Why Are Cats Always Weirdos When We’re In The Bathroom

Image credits: Elkie_Kaibu

#44 I’m Doing Homework, And Then…

Image credits: DavidGamer17

#45 Thought I Was Getting A Cute Picture Of My Cat. Got A Picture Of My Cat Staring Into The Pits Of Hell

Image credits: ChekovsCurlyHair

#46 He Just Fell Asleep Like This

Image credits: musicsquidge

#47 My Cat Stares At Me Through Reflections (Not Just Mirrors.. Anything With A Reflection, Like My TV When It’s Off). Freaks Me Out…

Image credits: alicatmonster

#48 My Kitten Has Recently Become Obsessed With Sitting On His Older Brother

Image credits: PersephassaThePurple

#49 I Swear, She’s Mocking Me

Image credits: MsBean18

#50 Cat.exe Stopped Working

Image credits: reddit.com

#51 Why Is She Like This

Image credits: nekotwilight

#52 Yes, He’s Sleeping. No, He Isn’t Sedated

Image credits: reddit.com

#53 Every Time You Pick Him Up He Needs To Stretch Out

Image credits: reddit.com

#54 Mr. Toonses, Sitting Around The House, Judging Everyone

Image credits: salamanda_123

#55 Who Sits Like This? Buddy. That’s Who. Strange Little Bugger But He Is My Best Friend

Image credits: bcivgfjh

#56 Wanted Cute Picture. Got Demon

Image credits: servantofdumbcat

#57 Strange Photobomb Cat!

Image credits: krrcjr121612

#58 Lol Who Sleeps Like This?

Image credits: barmster1992

#59 Dean Eats His Food Like This Everyday..

Image credits: reddit.com

#60 This Is Mei. She Stayed Like This For A Long Time

Image credits: TigerBear33

#61 The Bizarre Positions My Cat Gets Himself In To Look Out Of The Window

Image credits: acatcalledvader

#62 Her Kitty Operating System Crashed

Image credits: reddit.com

#63 Our Cat Thinks She’s A Penguin

Image credits: OxfordAndo

#64 His Foot’s Not Broken, He Just Sits Like This Sometimes

Image credits: Stepoo

#65 When Peep Wants Attention She Likes To Come By People And Put Her Hind Paw On Your Foot

Image credits: DeadlyDollFace16

#66 I Was Told This Might Belong Here…

Image credits: sunshyne2109

#67 My Kitten Screams At The Audacity Of Being Denied The Last Bite Of A Sandwich

Image credits: isotopejc

#68 Brioche Just… Really Likes Bags

Image credits: SororitySloth

#69 I Spend Money On Expensive Cat Beds And He Sleeps In His Cat Carrier!

Image credits: Minxi17

#70 Got Mcdonald’s And My Cat Decided To Stick His Head In The Empty Nugget Container

Image credits: Slutty-cat-lover

#71 I Suppose That’s One Way To Reach A Bug

Image credits: reddit.com

#72 This Is Earl. He Insists On Drinking From A Bowl In The Sink

Image credits: reddit.com

#73 Sleep Loaf

Image credits: sisharkey

#74 George Michael In His Favorite Drawer

Image credits: reddit.com

#75 Just Chillin Pt 2

Image credits: honestlytbh

#76 Someone Likes Her Post-Vet-Visit Drugs

Image credits: QbeeCCL

#77 We Heard Yelling Coming From The Bathroom…

Image credits: LaBeelzebub42

#78 I Think He’s Broke Lol

Image credits: reddit.com

#79 Was Told To Post This Here. Found Him Like This Last Night

Image credits: reddit.com

#80 Why Is She Pulling That Face

Image credits: canyousmoke

#81 If I Fits, I Sits

Image credits: straggly_sage

#82 Everyone, Meet Bowl

Image credits: reddit.com

#83 My Cats Favourite Spot To Sit. Is It Comfy? No One Knows

Image credits: kegerry

#84 Someone Let The Air Out Of My Mini-Panther

Image credits: Morwen1031

#85 When She Goes Full Noodle, We Know She’s In Her Happy Place

Image credits: Alittleredditing

#86 Caught My Cat Licking His Nose

Image credits: Tree_Chop

#87 My Cat Waiting For Non-Existent Cookies Or Something

Image credits: reddit.com

#88 What An Ass

Image credits: meister2a

#89 His Favorite Toy In The House

Image credits: reddit.com

#90 He’s Been Sitting Like This For An Hour

Image credits: reddit.com

#91 Spider-Cat Spider-Cat !!!!!

Image credits: reddit.com

#92 He Had A Shower Thought Mid Bath

Image credits: viciousfisher

#93 This Is How She Sits On The Bed

Image credits: reddit.com

#94 You Know It Is A Good Cat-Mas When The Boy Is All Tuckered Out…

Image credits: reddit.com

#95 Seems The Sink Is A Little Clogged?

Image credits: reddit.com

#96 19 Pics Of Oliver Yawning, And One Of Him Winking

Image credits: sebastian_rhodes

#97 [oc] I Don’t Know, She Seems A Little Broken To Me

Image credits: reddit.com

#98 This Is The Moment I Knew I Had Messed Up…

#99 This Is How Oliva Slept When She Was Little Girl.

#100 When It Gets To Warm, Just Stick Your Leg Out.

#101 Boo Has Folded…

#102 Just Hangin’ Out

#103 No One Can See Me, I Am A Ninja!

#104 Saffy’s “This Is How I Deal With The Lockdown” Position.

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