“What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”: People Are Posting Pictures Of ‘Malfunctioning’ Dogs (58 New Pics)

As much as people know about dog behavior, they still find ways to surprise us. And the subreddit “What’s wrong with your dog?” is an excellent example of that.

Created in 2015, this online community now unites over 1.2 million members who are constantly sharing funny pictures of ‘malfunctioning’ pups.

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We at Bored Panda already did a few articles on the wholesome subreddit here and here, but it has featured so much good stuff since the last one, we just have to release an update. Enjoy.

#1 Just A Girl And Her Electrical Outlet Cover. No Matter How Many Times We Put This In The Tool Bag, She Always Picks It Back Out. Never Tries To Do Anything To It; Just Holds It And Sleeps With It

Image credits: Physical_Agent1162

#2 Meanwhile In The Suez Canal

Image credits: cenabollywood

#3 Look Closer

Image credits: fifthmeat

#4 Some Identity Crisis

Image credits: Dependent_Wolverine8

#5 This Is Honey. She Will Show You Her Ears Or Her Tongue, But Never Both. The World Isn’t Ready For That

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#6 The New Godzilla

Image credits: Strangedoggo

#7 “Honey, The Dog’s Walking On The Wall Again”

Image credits: Hereofbleed423

#8 Made A Friend, Being Extremely Cool And Normal About It

Image credits: e2g1xjl

#9 Riding Upside Down

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Image credits: memezzer

#10 My Dog’s Best Friend Is A Brick

Image credits: AlmomoNamal

#11 When The House Is Empty

Image credits: holycrimsonbatman

#12 My Friend Wanted A Dog So He Went And Adopted Hank. He Is A Little Different

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#13 How He Sits On The Couch

Image credits: Jarv_Turkey

#14 $150 Anti Anxiety Doggy Bed? Nah, I Sleep On Laptop Bag

Image credits: TRextheCorgi

#15 The Ultimate Derp

Image credits: analieserae

#16 My Mother-In-Law Sent Me This When I Was At Work And Let The Dog In Her Apartment

Image credits: TheFearGGWP

#17 Anyone Know What Plant This Is?

Image credits: 1065357

#18 The Prince Of Darkness

Image credits: reddit.com

#19 Derp

Image credits: carocarrott

#20 Thought We Were Going For A Walk, Ending Up Going For A Climb

Image credits: bnworkman

#21 Did We Adopt A Baby Hippo?

Image credits: cyrilgoldenrock

#22 He Really Loves Digging

Image credits: Luvlyjubblies1

#23 Boing

Image credits: reddit.com

#24 Ah Yes, The Perfect Fit

Image credits: Chardee____Macdennis

#25 My Deep Sea Monster, Freddy

Image credits: ScumBreedsScum

#26 My Roommates Left For The Day With The TV On. I Go Downstairs With My Dog And She Does This

Image credits: Road_Whorrior

#27 Lou’s Got A Lot On His Mind

Image credits: sleep_suit

#28 Looks He Got Into My Stash

Image credits: aries0688

#29 Only Now Discovered This Sub And Thought I Should Share An Old Photo Of My Dog, When He Was A Puppy And Was Still Learning How To Dog

Image credits: Colorful_Creature

#30 Nothing To See Here, Just A Potato Taking Root.

Image credits: Dejue

#31 Not The Brightest, Definitely The Cutest

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#32 My Vet Sent Me This From My Dogs Check Up Today

Image credits: CaptainCallahan

#33 “No, No, No. You’re Doing It Wrong! Here, Let Me Help You”

Image credits: ModernHagiography

#34 They Open A Fridge And Within A Millisecond The Doggo

Image credits: MeliaDanae

#35 That’s A Weird Turtle

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#36 “To Pass, You Must First Answer My Riddle. What… Is That You Have In Your Hand And Can I Eat It Please And Thanks?”

Image credits: dwooding1

#37 The Look Of Defeat

Image credits: drcokmuffin

#38 I’m A Baby, Right?

Image credits: LukeRenoe

#39 My Dog Stares At Me Like This To Gain The Bed Pat Giving Her Permission To Jump Up

Image credits: AstoundiglyAverage

#40 17 Years Young And Perfect Posture!

Image credits: MegKB7

#41 I Love It When I Come Home And He’s Already Done The Dishes!

Image credits: shakibuju

#42 This Is What She Does All Day. Just Sits There And Judges You

Image credits: Alazteir

#43 Went To My Local Dog Bar, And My Brothers Dog Decided To Go Make Friends With These 3 Random Guys. Just Joined Their Group And Hung Out For A While

Image credits: SquarishWheel

#44 He Blows Bubbles When He’s About To Eat

Image credits: otterlyconfuzed

#45 Wobbly Looks Like A Complete Derp When He’s Excited

Image credits: GLACI3R

#46 I Dont Think My Neighbour’s Dog Trust Me

Image credits: StrawberryInu

#47 Ten Minutes After I Gave Him $60 Worth Of New Toys, This Is How I Find Him

Image credits: reddit.com

#48 And He Wonders Why His Back Hurts All The Time

Image credits: That_Guy_Behind_You

#49 We Have A Yard Full Of Grass. He Prefers His Personal Spot In The Driveway

Image credits: beefcakemaximus

#50 When You Catch Your Dog Being Abducted

Image credits: TallTechieTim

#51 Mommy! Can’t You See I Need Attention

Image credits: morkie_flash

#52 Just So We’re All Fully Aware That Sir Frederick Has Not Stopped Doing This Every Single Night

Image credits: ScumBreedsScum

#53 Rate My Ostrich

Image credits: 11_throwaways_later_

#54 He Woke Up From His Nap And Slid Half Way Off The Couch Then Just Stayed There Wagging His Tail

Image credits: wantedmaniac

#55 Found Her Sleeping Like This As I Left For Work

Image credits: ChirpinFromTheBench

#56 This Isn’t Fast Shutter Speed. He Just… Lays There Like This

Image credits: alexastrid

#57 She’s Still Learning How To Use The Couch

Image credits: autogeneratedqwerty

#58 Drink.exe

Image credits: pun420

Source: boredpanda.com

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