Wheelchair of the Future? The Ascento Pro, an Amazing Two-Wheeled Robot

“Simple, fast and versatile” is how Ascento Robotics describes their two-wheeled Ascento Pro robot. In the sizzle reel, it certainly seems to live up to the hype, and then some:

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Sure, it’s got two less wheels than Swiss Mile’s ‘bot, but it looks every bit as capable.

The company is marketing the autonomous robot for inspection, surveillance and delivery duties. It would certainly make a good security guard, and it’s not difficult to imagine one of these zipping around Manhattan with someone’s dinner order, and scaling the steps to bring it to the apartment door.

By the bye, I can’t be the first person that thought, upon seeing this part…

…can we do this for wheelchairs? Perhaps the power and weight requirements make it currently difficult, but I have to think we’ll see this in the future.

Source: core77

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