When Donor Blood Is Not Perfectly Pure

If you thought that donor blood is pure, it’s time to change what you thought about them. Researchers studying 18 batches of donor blood found caffeined in all the samples. Traces of cough medicine, as well as anti-anxiety drugs were found in many of them, too.

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The analysis was made as part of a study into how botanical dietary supplements and other drugs can interact together in the body, using mass spectrometry to identify the chemical composition of the molecules in the blood samples.

What the scientists set out to do was identify how dietary supplements might have adverse effects when they mix with existing prescriptions. But the team also ended up discovering how our lifestyles cause changes that live on in the samples when we donate our bodily fluids.

While caffeine may not be an issue for patients, the other drugs might be.

Check out ScienceAlert for more details.

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