When Spring Fever Gets Out of Hand

Early Monday morning, police in Cumberland, Wisconsin, got an alarming call — a car had been driven into the office of the local high school principal.

But wait, something’s not right. Is that duct tape on the edges of the hole? Yes, it was all an elaborate prank, pulled by a group of seniors at the high school. In the dead of night, they had hauled in a half-car, loose bricks, and plastic sheeting to create the “hole” in the school wall. Written on the back window of the car was the message “Class of 2018 Beavers We’re Bustin Out!” Once the school administrators and police got a good look at the scene, they had to laugh. It was all accomplished with no damage to the school. The local police were so impressed with the illusion, they shared it at Facebook. Not only that, they took the opportunity to use the setting for an anti-teen drinking PSA photo. Read the complete story of the prank at Buzzfeed.

(Image credit: Cumberland, WI Police Department)

Source: neatorama

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