When You Exhume a Live Body to Investigate His Death

We’ve posted about the fear of being buried alive, and the schemes people went through to ensure that it wouldn’t happen to them. It seems like an irrational fear, but the possibility is there. We can assume that most cases will never be found out about, but there have been a few instances of someone surviving a burial.

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Angelo Hays was 19 years old when he wrecked his motorcycle, crashing face-first into a brick wall. This was in 1937; today this would be a case of prime organ donation. Hays’ face was so mangled he had a closed casket funeral three days later. However, his insurance company investigated his death, and requested that his body be exhumed for examination. His casket was dug up two days after the funeral. But his body was warm- Hays was still alive, five days after the accident!

Read what happened to Angelo Hays and three other cases of premature funerals at Mental Floss.

(Image credit: Antoine Wiertz)

Source: neatorama

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