Where Dishes Originated, Despite the Name

We’ve read before that Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada, and we haven’t forgiven Canada for it yet. That’s far from the only confusing name that some of our favorite recipes and foods have. Often it’s because the inventor wanted to evoke a faraway location to enhance the eating experience, like Philly cream cheese. Or conversely, a food brought back from a faraway place was renamed to steal the credit, like Swedish meatballs. There are also examples of food that traveled and got a new name when the original language was mispronounced, like the Portuguese carne de vinha d’alhos, which came to be called vindaloo in India. Oh, you didn’t know vindaloo was Portuguese? Then you should read up on 15 Foods That Aren’t From Where We Thought at Cracked.

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(Image credit: Adriao)

Source: neatorama

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