Where The World Splits In Two

This one isn’t just some art illusion drawn in the ground. The Abyss is a deep crack that appears to go down to the centre of the earth. If you wanna reach this place, you need your hiking shoes because you’ll take a 4.5-kilometre hike along the Extension Ridge in Nanaimo, Canada. Narcity has more details: 

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The photos of this fissure don’t do it justice for how impressive it is. Just make sure not to get too close. There are no barriers around here, so you do have to be careful.

The long crack in the ground is roughly 16 inches wide. It is wide enough for a pet or person to fall into.

The cause of the long split is still a mystery. Some of the theories suggest the area is the result of a collapsed old mine tunnel or an earthquake.

The unusual sight is 30 minutes from downtown Nanaimo. You’ll need to drive along Harwood Mine Road. 

image via Narcity

Source: neatorama

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