Where’s The ‘Magic Box’?

The magic box is an apartment designed by Raúl Sánchez architects. The company refurbished the ground floor of an old three-storey family house in Spain. The company redesigned the 110 square meter apartment for a young couple and their two daughters in a unique way, as Designboom details: 

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upon entering one can observe the spacious hall made up of a series of planes/partitions. this area showcases the new design language, while also generating openings in the upper part, allowing natural light to brighten the interior. a common kitchen and dining space connects to the outside garden, with lush vegetation, through a longitudinal bench that slides into the window opening. the window itself was placed on the exterior face of the facade plan, turning it invisible from the interior, creating the feeling of being in close contact with the exterior.

image via Designboom

Source: neatorama

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