Which Countries Spend the Most Screen Time?

Our computers and mobile devices have become completely essential to our everyday lives that we spend, on average, 6.5 hours a day looking at a screen, a little over a quarter of our day.

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Kristin Blain, a researcher from Smartick, wanted to find out which countries spent the most time in front of their screens on any given day. So, using data from Data Reportal, she looked at the data of about 40 countries, and compared their average screen time. With design from Iryna Osipchuk, they laid out the data on the map above.

Based on the data, South Africa led the pack of 40 with amount of time spent on their screens at an average of 9 hours and 38 minutes per day. Closely following their heels is Brazil with 9 hours and 32 minutes per day. In third place is the Philippines with 9 hours and 14 minutes per day.

They attributed this internet usage statistic to mainly internet penetration and adoption in these countries despite still not having widespread accessibility to high-speed internet connections. For the Philippines, the researcher mentioned a lack of censorship and an increase in the cost of living as significant factors to this high screen time.

Taking a look at screen times segmented by devices i.e. desktop computers and mobile devices, we still see these three countries claiming the top spots, but there are other countries who made it onto the respective lists. For example, Russia is second in internet usage via computers. Meanwhile, Thailand and Indonesia secured spots 3 and 5 on top internet usage via mobiles.

It’s possible that infrastructures and availability of devices coupled with the strength of internet connectivity, whether by wired or wireless connections, contributed to these numbers.

The US, on the other hand, has mostly been in the mid-range, while countries like China and Japan spent the least amount of time on their screens which might have something to do with productivity, work ethic, and perceptions on the use of these devices and the internet. – via Digg

(Image credit: Smartick)

Source: neatorama

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