Whimsical "Fluffy Bubble" Cosmetics Package Designs from South Korea

Package design for cosmetics, at least in the West, seems to have pretty clear rules: Render forms that are monolithic, minimal, elegant, muted. So I was struck by these two lines of Miniso’s cosmetics packaging, designed by South Korean ID consultancy found/Founded. The designers’ description suffers a bit in translation:

“The cosmetics of ‘Spoonful of cream‘ have a cute story and simple form. They also capture the hearts of 1020 women by shaping a spoonful of cream.”

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“The different rounded squares that make up the ‘fluffy bubble‘ harmonize with each other. In addition, they are applied with soft and warm colors and materials to confirm the identity of the ‘Fluffy bubble.’

I remember that some years ago South Korean cosmetics became trendy in the West, but do you think this new packaging direction would fly here?

Source: core77

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