“Who Is The Most Evil Person You Have Ever Met?”: 35 People Share Chilling Stories

Most of us have a pretty good sense of what’s right and wrong. Your parents probably taught you to be kind to others and to avoid lying, cheating, stealing and causing harm. If you’re tempted to do some of those things, the threat of being arrested will likely keep you in check. But unfortunately, there are some individuals out there who have a blatant disregard for the rules and a shocking lack of empathy.

Reddit users have recently been sharing stories about the worst people they’ve ever met, so we’ve gathered some of their most upsetting experiences below. I’ll warn you right now that these accounts may be hard to get through, but they might also make you a bit more appreciative all of the genuinely good people in your life.

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I met Elon Musk while working for a subcontractor company making stuff for Spacex and Starlink. He was an a*s, all his employees traveling with him were miserable, burnt out, walking on egg shells, and the moment he was out of te room they trashed him relentlessly. This was about 10 years ago.

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Danny, the dispatcher at my former taxi job. He thrived on conflict and loved creating hardship for both drivers and customers alike. I watched him deliberately send a taxi late because the woman emphasized how she couldn't be late to her doctor's appointment. He hung up and sorta chuckled and said "well she's definitely gonna be late now!".

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A guy I went to high school with worked for a direct medical device sales company and he would intentionally delay the delivery of things like catheters and colostomy bags until the patients were literally emailing begging for them. I’ve heard that he’s done a ton of other f****d up s**t as well. Haven’t seen him since high school and the guy is still the most evil person I have ever come across.

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My ex. Went to prison for beating my dog so bad that they had to euthanize her. Every animal I ever had around him died.

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My grandfather. He was violently abusive and sadistic to people and animals and is responsible for generational trauma for his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He was a very bad man.

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My stepmother. The nicest thing she ever did for me was trying to drown me at the beach.

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Christopher Duntsch, aka “Dr. Death”, the horrible *former* neurosurgeon.

I was an internal medicine resident that just barely overlapped with his time as a neurosurgery resident (my intern year was his last year in Memphis). Only encountered him twice as the consulting neurosurg resident, but he came across as arrogant, dismissive, and not as smart as he thought he was. Turns out, he was also incompetent, dishonest, and evil.

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Too many to count, unfortunately

Recently, I had a “best friend” of over 20+ years. I told him about my work experience and how I feel discriminated against. He was then told by said team what they do when it comes to me, and my feelings were correct as he told me. He supported me after learning that. That same month, they promoted him. Next thing I hear is “I see both sides of the arguments” and “I don’t fully agree with your frustrations”. The pain of hearing that sent me into such a shock that I immediately moved to protect myself on instinct. Set heavy boundaries, enforced them when he tried to disrespect them. That caused him to explode on me and reveal a lot of his secrets. He was never supportive of anything for me, but only kept me around so that I could fuel his own vanity. I went from confiding in him about everything to barely a greeting now

I have more evil people stories that I could write novels on, but that one is the most recent one.

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My oldest’s mother… insanely manipulative, verbally & physically abusive, extreme sociopathic behavior, borderline psychotic…

…no. 1 example… called my kid a “f – – got & punched them, when they were 17yo, in the face… on Xmas day… attempting to goad them into a physical altercation . . . and when she was restrained by the step-father (who told my kid to gather what they valued and to stay with friends for a few days), while my kid packed a suitcase, she attacked the step-father and hit him in the head with a highball glass… and when my kid left, she destroyed their bedroom and threw out their bed… all in front of her other two kids…

My kid didn’t return home for months…

My kid’s step-dad if a absolute f – – king saint…

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Well there was the guy that fired me by lying about me, getting students to file false reports about me, hiring a hooker to try to seduce me, sexually harassed other faculty and the administration did nothing, and had a romantic partner that was almost 40 years his junior (it was as creepy as it sounds). But he was also very unhealthy and unexpectedly died a few years after I was forced out, so there’s that.

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A lady who lived the street over from me when I was a kid slowly poisoned her husband over several months resulting in his death. Did it for insurance money. She was always pretty mean but I remember him being very nice.

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My EX. She walked out on me and 2 kids without any warning.

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Old CEO for a company I used to work for. Every time we interacted I felt like I was looking at evil incarnate. Luckily, the Director I was under purposely acted as a buffer, because I wouldn’t have taken what he continually took. This CEO guy would verbally abuse employees/clients/partners on a regular basis. Not just being mean, but screaming, veins and eyes popping out. He turned on one of my teammates one day for using the wrong verbiage with a confused caller. I ran over, put my hand on his chest and pushed him away telling him to stop. He turned to me with that evil and I matched his eyes and told him he better calm down or he’ll regret it. I kind of saw him realize I was about to beat the s**t out of him if he didn’t calm down and scrambled back to his office. When covid hit he immediately let go of half of our small company and cut the remaining employees pay by 50%. I of course left but funnily enough am going back to the industry in a few weeks with a company that has a lot more reach/market share, going to make it my job to steal most if not all of their accounts. F**k that guy.

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My mother. Never wanted kids and always made sure I knew. Growing up she’d never let me try new things and would berate me for wanting to have experiences. She would make me feel guilty for wanting basic things such as clothing or school supplies. She took great joy if I ever failed at anything. She would give me the silent treatment at any slight inconvenience. She abandoned me numerous times.

As an adult I decided to be work hard and be the opposite of her in every way. She once again abandoned me in adulthood. I did become successful. She is jealous as hell. I will remain no contact with her till she’s dead, even then I won’t be at her funeral.

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My abuser.

He did so with a number of kids our age at the time. Meeting him again in court was horrific – he had no remorse, gaslight anyone he could, including his family. His son was the one that reached out to the victims to help put his dad away.

We did. He will rot in jail for as long as we can keep him there.

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My mother-in-law. And I know it’s a trope for men to dislike their MIL, but she has never done anything to me directly. Instead, she routinely physically and emotionally abused my wife in ways we’re still unpacking in our 30s, she emotionally manipulates and (we suspect) baby trapped my FIL. She has alienated every person that ever gave her kindness, because she takes advantage of people. She has used her husband’s chronic health issues to gain sympathy with people, and then takes as much money as she can before losing people’s numbers. And to top it all off, she has totaled 6 cars in as many years, thankfully never hurting anyone else, but it’s only a matter of time. She’s currently laid up in the hospital because this last wreck almost killed her, and that would have been a kindness.

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The serial killer, backpacker murderer Ivan Milat. Have had a number of interactions with him in the past. Knew him from my youth in the Southern Highlands and he was arrested in Eaglevale in a house adjacent to my partner at the time. Woke to the dogs barking and Police everywhere.

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My ex wife. She pretended to be normal but was a psycho. She embezzled tens of thousands of dollars from her boss, depleted my 401k and checking account. We were supposed to close on a house but she never showed. I then checked my banks and they had a zero balance. She ended up in prison for lots of other the ga she stole. None of these traits showed up when we were dating. She is now a spokesman for rights of people in jail. Wish she would pay me.back. I lost so much more than money. It was flat out humiliating for me.

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My grandmother from my dad’s side. I won’t trauma dump much, but to understand how vile she is: when my mom got out of the hospital after giving birth to my sister, she made her cook for like 20 people, sweep the roof and much more. No one helped my mom from that mob of relatives from my dad’s side. Back then my dad worked at a really busy job, so he only got home late and wasn’t able to help. She also constantly envies me, my sisters and my mom to my dad. Yes, envies. Her literal grandkids. Even my youngest sister who’s only 9.
Whenever she or any of my sisters or me will be seeming to have a good time or a conversation with our dad, she always tries to make butt in that conversation or scold us for something so we won’t talk to him. I will skip out on the amount of drama she has caused and the insults that she had addressed. Too bad her other grandkids dgaf about her and are kinda dumb asf with no achievements in life! I absolutely love my parents tho.

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I was friends with William James Vahey’s son and slept at their house as a kid. He was the “most prolific child molester of our time” according to the FBI. Thankfully I was not in his target age group.

As is common with accounts like this, I remember him being really nice.

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There was this weird guy I went to high school with. My friends and I all thought he was “off”. After high school, we find out he’s been arrested. He had been abusing 3 boys for years and filming it. (He was caught because the children’s mother found the USB while cleaning).

To top it all off he worked at one of those trampoline park places, which are obviously frequented by children.

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My son’s father. I told him I was pregnant and he kicked me as hard as he could in the stomach. That isn’t even the worst thing he did.

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Knew a kid growing up that was never all there. He was always angry at everyone for no reason and would take it out on them physically. He spent a lot of time in detention. After high school, he was arrested for kidnapping a girl and holding her for a few days until the cops found him. He spent a few years in prison. Within a month of him getting out of prison, he kidnapped and raped a teenage girl and then beat the s**t out of her daily for several weeks. He’s back in prison.

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My biological father. He quite literally made my and my entire family’s lives a living hell. The 3 major types of abuse (physical, emotional/psychological, and sexual), that can be done to another another person happened to me by him from a very young age (3-4) until my mid 20’s. It wasn’t an on and off kind of thing either. It was all the time. How I managed to get through school, college, and working at my family’s small business? Idk. But I’m here! :).

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I’ve worked for or with at least 3 clinically diagnosed narcissists and their length of evil ranks pretty high considering the unexpected assumption that they’re “just” going to be your boss or coworker.

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I knew a guy, sort of just a dude I knew in town for a few decades.

He’d dated a good friend of mine, and she explained all the terrible things he’d done, like sleeping around, stealing and selling her stuff, trying to get her to sign loans for him. She left, finally, when he tried to ‘sell’ her to a friend of his for the night.

So, this guy just exists in my town, and he does the same thing on repeat to everyone he meets. He gets a girlfriend, and tells her he’s a ‘dom’ and she needs to be his ‘sub’, and then he ‘tests’ her, by making her do everything from giving him all their money, to prostituting them out, making them get their friends in bed with him, he’s branded a few girls, etc …

I had dinner with him, once. I can’t remember the circumstances, but I saw him lift a pile of plates in a no-smoking restaurant and ash in the middle plate. He didn’t even laugh, or act like it was a joke or that anyone else should react.

I watched him all night, as he just did little things to f**k people over. Unplugged a phone, grabbed a wallet and tossed it in the trash, etc, etc …

He did these things out of habit. He wasn’t angry, didn’t know the people he was messing with.

I went to take a p**s, and grabbed the wallet up out of the trash and handed it to the owner saying ‘I think you dropped this’ or something, but the rest of it I just sort of watched in awe.

He’s probably still around. The last time I saw him was at the local strip club, where he was ordering his girlfriend to make out with random dudes. When she got to me, I shot him a look and said ‘No, thanks’. I don’t even remember why I was there, but it’s not my usual hang out.

I hear about him from time to time, doing the same s**t. He’s always with some surprisingly pretty girl, who always has a look on her face like her dog just died.

I’ve met some s****y people, but never another one as completely dedicated to being the center of chaos at all times. He ruins people like it’s a full time job.

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My cousin. Recently found out that he has been stealing from my aunt, his grandma, to the tune of thousands of pounds that were supposed to be for paying their rent. She only found out because she got a letter from the council saying she was about to be evicted from her council flat for non payment of rent.

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My sister.

Edit to explain my opinion:

She moved into my inherited house to help manage it (I was 16 when my dad passed and his only child)

Not knowing any better and not knowing what to do, I signed papers to give my sister “executive of estate” so she could help me handle the remaining mortgage ~$20,000.

I dropped out of highschool and worked two jobs to pay if off in full (or so I though) within 18 months.

Turned out I had been supporting her dope habit while she let the bank take my house.

I get home from a month long job to find all the locks changed and all my s**t in the front yard.

This was 20 years ago

Just recently she verbally assaulted my child to the point of tears, threatened physical violence against an elderly family friend annnnnnd abandoned her 18 year old son with her now ex fiance because, once again, she’s on that sauce.

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I had a nemesis in high school who taught me a very valuable lesson – the winner of the war is always the one willing to be absolutely ruthless.

That kid stole the Gameboy out of my backpack, told the bus driver I was spitting on the bus and got me ISS, planted a stolen calculator in my backpack and then told the school administration I stole it so I was nearly arrested, told the school administration I was giving away my Adderall and nearly got me arrested AGAIN (And actually got the kid I was giving it to arrested).

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My father , his eyes look soulless. Not only is he physically and emotionally abusive . He’s a narcissist and in denial . The scariest times with him where when he had alcohol induced psychosis a man scared of his own shadow is scary to a child especially when you’ve seen what he’s capable of. He broke into our house while we were away and stole all of my mothers identification information the tv stole her photo albums one of her cars, threw all her underwear in the pond and threw her bras on the chandelier. He also stole my dog and threatened to let her out on a busy road if my mother didn’t go see him. He also owes like 700k in tax idk how nobody’s caught him. I’m not scared of snakes, spiders, heights etc but I’m terrified of my father.

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My step-grandmother. When she dies, I will not go to her funeral. I’ll be sure to party and sing “Ding dong the witch is dead.” The ironic part is, she used to be a nun, but got pardoned by the convent to leave. She is proof no matter how religious you are, it doesn’t give you a free pass to heaven.

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My childhood friend, who I used to borrow SNES games from and lived down the street:

Hijacked a car, went into a random old lady’s house and stabbed her to death, ran back to the car, drove it into the side of a Bertucci’s, ran in the restaurant, stabbed a man in the head and killed him, and then was shot by an off-duty police officer when he would not relent.

All because he was depressed and too cowardly to take his own life himself.

Before this the only thing I had against him was that he never returned my other friend’s Pokemon Red strategy guide in 1999.

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Maybe not as evil as some people here, but when I worked security at Walmart, we had a “quota” of people we needed to catch per shift or our jobs would be on the line.

My manager decided that since it was a slow day, shed start picking on teens and obviously not-well off people, trying to call the police on them for taking a candy bar or a pack of 3$ ground beef. It was to the point where she took an older lady, who was extremely nice and came in often, usually buying clothes for the community center kids she helped supervise, into the backroom over a misplaced pair of 5$ gym shorts that she had forgotten to scan. She called the police and made.a.huge stink over it, berating this poor woman and that was the day I walked.out. I went to visit my parents in another state, ignored every call Walmart sent to me, and left a voicemail for my boss telling them EXACTLY how I felt. It felt nice, and was probably the best thing for my mental health, because I was beginning to get very depressed working that piece of s**t job.

F**k Walmart and all their managers.

Oh! I also had a manager while I was there who worked in the CS department, who constantly tried to get underage girls numbers, like 16yr olds want anything to do with your 53yr old a*s. Reported him multiple times, but since he was friends with district, nothing ever came of my reports. Disgusting piece of s**t.

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I did a little stint in prison and got a job packing cutlery. A git paired off with this dude and we had good chats first few days I worked with him.

Then he started to tell me what he did on the outside. He was a pimp and he explained what his method of turning vulnerable girls into prostitution by hooking them on smack and even turned a girl’s dad and took over his flat.

He explained and boosted how he manipulated all the girls and used fear and intimidation and how to get the most out of them.

What’s worse is that you’d never see him coming. He was a specimen of a man. He was seriously good looking, could have been a top model or something. He was huge and built like Paulo Costa or Anthony Joshua. Proper charming and disarming.

He was how I’d describe a vampire, designed to be a perfect predator of humans. I could see how he could easily charm guys to work for him and girls to fall for him, he had insane charisma. But he was an utter sociopath and really f*****g dangerous.

This was the kind of guy you hope to God that never walks into your daughter’s life.

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Tony Robbins. When I met him I had no idea who he was or what he did but he just creeped me out. He was so creepy and disturbed me so much that I later googled him, which only confirmed my opinion. I can’t put into words exactly why I found him disturbing. It wasn’t a specific thing he said or did in our brief interaction, which was only 5 minutes and barely an introduction, but he still gives me the w*****s when I think about it.

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