Who Knew? They Make Silent Tape Guns

I don’t know how to transcribe the noise a tape gun makes: Maybe “CCCCCCCCK”? The sound is distinctive, unmistakable, and probably maddening in an office environment.

For that reason 3M makes the H150 Low Noise Tape Dispenser, which “incorporates a unique pressure bar that reduces noise as tape is unwound. This spring-loaded bar continuously presses the tape roll against the dispenser’s core roller while also directing the tape away, at an angle that minimizes the unpleasant sound produced by common pressure sensitive box sealing tapes.”

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I couldn’t find any A/V demonstrations of the H150, but competitor Uline sells Quiet Tape (rather than a gun) that “unwinds like butter,” and they’ve posted this demonstration of the sound:

They offer the rolls in a variety of widths, thicknesses and lengths. As an idea of pricing, the 2″, 2-mil, 110-yard rolls run $4.10 each.

We’ll award a virtual prize to whoever can type a more accurate transcription of the noise a standard tape gun makes.

Source: core77

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