Who Wants Bubble Tea Pizza?

You’ve seen pizzas filled with pepperoni, cheese, or pineapples, but you might not have seen a pizza filled with marshmallows and bubble tea. That’s right. Something like that exists, but only for a limited time. Pizza Hut Singapore is offering the Bubble Tea Blossom Pizza until March 30, 2021. Of course, “but why?” would be a normal question to such weirdness.

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Pizza Hut Singapore’s Head of Marketing and Food Innovation Jayss Rajoo said the team put in some thought into the creation of the pizza.

“The team at Pizza Hut, Singapore’s leading pizza restaurant, takes pride in offering customers a moment’s relaxation from their busy, complex lives with a slice of simple, delicious pizza.

“We know that pizza is a firm family favorite of Singaporeans; so, we thought, why not combine it with another great Singaporean love – bubble tea?” he said in a statement.

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(Image Credit: AsiaOne/ Mashable)

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