Whole School Lines Up To Give Teacher Emotional Farewell As She Retires After 50 Years

As the school year continues, we may ask ourselves—what makes one a great teacher? It’s a question that is difficult to answer, as we all have different needs as students. Some perform best with a lenient, kind teacher who is compassionate and understanding, while others prefer a disciplined teacher, unwavering in their criticism of one’s work.

Regardless of methodology, it can be agreed that what makes a good teacher is their ability to inspire. Inspire change, inspire us to do better, inspire us to get out of our comfort zone and answer those uncomfortable questions, like why were the curtains blue?

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The teachers that dedicate their lives to the craft of teaching deserve a round of applause for all their hard work, and one teacher received such praise. As she was walking down the corridor for the last time as a working teacher, the whole staff and student body came together to offer her a standing ovation as one big ‘thank you.’ Let’s dive into the details!

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On her last day of being a working teacher, Dr. Sheridan Steelman received a wonderful surprise from staff and students alike, as they lined the hallways

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Teaching is an act of service performed daily. It seems that these professionals cannot catch a day of rest; once they’re done teaching, there’s meetings, after-school tutoring, grading papers, preparing for the next day’s class, catching up on reading and research, and so on. But finally, one teacher could take a well-deserved break.

Dr. Sheridan Steelman spent 50 years of her life teaching at Northview High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. But the day came to say goodbye; at 72-years-old it was time to retire and start a new chapter in life. Yet, the students and staff would not let her go without a proper farewell.

Dr. Steelman spent 50 years of her life teaching at Northview High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan, having started her career at just 22 years old

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On her last working day at the high school, the entire school of students and teachers alike surprised Dr. Steelman by lining up in the hallway towards the exit and giving the teacher a well-deserved standing ovation.

The unexpected act of gratitude hit the teacher right in the feels, her tears of joy flowing freely. So much so that one colleague ran up to her to hand her a handkerchief. As she walked out of her classroom for the last time, two lines of applauding students on either side of her, she did a little twirl in excitement, a radiant smile lighting up her face.

During that time, she not only managed to be an excellent English teacher but also earn a Ph.D., write a book (which will be published soon), and raise 6 kids

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As she exited her classroom for one last time, the school body lined up the hallways and gave the teacher a standing ovation for all her dedication to her craft

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Northview Principal Mark Thomas was the mastermind behind this sendoff. According to Good Morning America (GMA), he has known Dr. Steelman for over 24 years. “In thinking about it, I literally couldn’t do justice to it,” he told GMA. “So I went around and got ahold of some other teachers and asked them and I kind of put this together and we were working together to get a bunch of students and teachers in the hallways, creating that tunnel, and she was not aware of it.”

The Principal could only praise the teacher. “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an educator just adjust and adapt to serve their students over the years, in order just to continue to promote learning,” he added.

“Some people can, in all phases of life, replicate what they’ve done and do that over time. Well, she constantly reviews her practices and constantly takes feedback from her students, and constantly looks at new innovations and best practices and she implements those in her classroom.”

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Dr. Steelman told GMA that she absolutely loved her job, making the decision to retire one she thought through extensively. “I thought it would be really cool to be able to go to 50 years but I didn’t want to do it unless I was still really having fun and enjoying myself and was in good health and still learning a lot,” she said.

“I feel like I could have gone a lot longer,” she continued. “But I also feel like it’s time and even though they say, ‘Well, were you ready?’ No, but it’s time. It’s also time for those younger teachers to move up into leadership positions as department leader and curriculum teacher leader in the district.”

The teacher was so moved by the act of gratitude, she couldn’t contain her tears of joy, with one colleague even running up with a handkerchief

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Dr. Steelman’s daughter Katherine caught the beautiful moment on video and shared it on TikTok. The text overlay revealed that she was only 22 years old when she started working at that school as an English teacher. Not only was she a wonderful teacher, but she also managed to raise six children, earn her Ph.D. at the age of 67, and write her first book on Shakespeare, which will be published later this year.

The video went viral, garnering over 6.6M views and 1.3M likes, with many leaving comments of gratitude and appreciation for teachers as a whole. A fellow teacher said: “50 years times 100 students (minimum) equals so many lives touched. I’m crying in my classroom at lunch watching this.”

The moment was caught by Dr. Steelman’s daughter Katherine and shared on TikTok. The video soon went viral with 6.6M views and 1.3M likes

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Another TikTok user appreciated her by saying, “It is clear her students and coworkers felt so lucky to have her. She must be so amazing!” A past student of hers also took to the comments to express their gratitude: “I was her student 5 years ago, she is a wonderful woman with so much passion for her work and love for her students. Send my best to your mom!”

Several others wrote about how teachers are an indispensable part of our lives. One person said, “this has me bawling. Great teachers truly are EVERYTHING! I’m 30 and still talk to my HS English teacher regularly.” Another added, “This made me cry. It reminded me of the one teacher that truly changed my life. I wish I could find her and just say thanks!”

What we can take from this story is that we should appreciate our teachers for all they do and the effort they put in to make learning an enjoyable experience

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It can be said that teachers are some of the most important members of society, shaping the decision-makers of the future. Although the fundamental function of any teacher is to help students learn by setting up a space in which they can do so most effectively, the impact they have on a young person is instrumental.

From building social, problem-solving, and collaboration skills, as well as deepening their knowledge of the respected subject, to inspiring students to do better, seek greater, and persevere in the face of challenges, teachers fill a complex set of roles. Yet, sometimes it seems that teachers are greatly underappreciated.

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Underappreciated, underpaid, and overworked seem to be the three words that best describe the teaching crisis of today. According to the New York Times, teacher salaries simply aren’t enough, and stagnant wages over the last 20 years have forced many teachers to take on extra work or quit altogether.

Barry Farber identified the devastating effects of the growing sense of insignificance that often accompanies a teacher’s career. Many teachers begin their careers “with a sense that their work is socially meaningful and will yield great personal satisfaction,” yet this devolves as “the inevitable difficulties of teaching” combine with personal issues, social pressure, and unfulfilling pay.

The current state of the education system seems to be resistant to progress. It is a bit ironic that schools, seen as the pinnacle of knowledge and the key to future prosperity, are built on old-standing techniques of teaching, with political decision-makers treating educators as expendable.

Looking at Dr. Steelman’s Instagram, it seems she is currently having the best time in retirement, traveling and spending time with her loved ones

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Currently, teacher education—from initial preparation throughout the career—is not geared toward continuous learning, but rather a repetition of the ‘tried and true.’ Change is imperative for the development towards better. Jim Suchan defines change as “a planned activity whose goal is to realign the organization with its environment.”

The importance of connecting the organization to its environment, which is ever changing, should be at the forefront of every school and teacher. But until that is rewarded, it is difficult to imagine that becoming the reality.

In the meantime, the best we can do is appreciate our teachers for all they do and the effort they put in to make learning a smooth and enjoyable experience. From little gifts, like cards and apples, to a simple ‘thank you’ and being a good student—not necessarily excelling at the subject, but trying your best—it’ll all add up.

Dr. Steelman has some advice for teachers: “Just have fun, be yourself and enjoy all those moments, because that’s what the kids remember”

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For any new teachers, Dr. Steelman has some advice: “Try to make sure that you have a balance and that you’re taking care of yourself. But also, when you’re there in the classroom, just have fun, be yourself and enjoy all those moments, because that’s what the kids remember,” she said. “They remember how they were treated as students and they remember that relationship that you had with them. They remember the funny things you talked about in class.”

We wish Dr. Steelman a wonderful retirement and many years of joyful exploration and peace away from the high school ruckus.

You can watch the full video here

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