Wholesome Video Shows A Police Officer Stop Traffic To Let A Cat Cross The Road

Cats are peculiar creatures. They do whatever they want whenever they want it, often blatantly disobeying the rules enforced by humans. So, when a cat is eager to cross the road, no one will stop her. Well, unless it’s a police officer who is kind enough to offer to escort her. Only then the cat may obey and wait for him to clear the road for her. Certainly, every cat would love this sort of special treatment. And if you’re finding it hard to believe that an actual police officer would do such a thing, you’re in for a surprise.

After noticing a cat trying to cross the road, this police officer decided to help the feline

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Last year, the police department of the Musi Banyuasin district in Sekayu, Indonesia shared a video showing one of their police officers helping a feline to cross a busy road.

Filmed by his co-worker, the policeman named Brigadier Satria notices a cat wanting to cross the road, and instead of pushing the small creature away, he cuts off traffic to let the cat cross the road safely.

Hopefully, the cat didn’t decide to go back and forth on the road a couple of times just to annoy him!

The video went viral, with many people praising the police officer for kindly protecting the cat.

It’s safe to say that felines are safe from all sorts of dangers when officers like Satria are around!

Watch the wholesome video below

Source: boredpanda.com

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