Who's Been Cutting My Baby's Hair?

Breez Harley has a toddler son named Lander who has long hair. But the front has been getting shorter! Has someone been cutting the child’s hair? Her boyfriend denied it was him. The boy doesn’t normally interact with anyone else without his parents around. But he’s definitely been sporting bangs lately, and his hair seems to get a little shorter day by day. He’s starting to look like he’s got a mullet, although the front is quite uneven. Has Lander been playing with scissors? Or is it something more sinister? They finally figured this out, but you won’t guess the real story.

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You can watch the video at reddit if you want to be surprised or at TikTok if you don’t care about spoilers in the tags and comments.

(Image credit: Breez Harley)

Source: neatorama

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