Why are WiFi Routers So Darned Ugly?

Most of us want internet, but few of us covet a router. It’s got to be the ugliest thing in your home. The only visual indication I want to see on a router is WORKING/NOT WORKING, and the only physical interaction I want is a large, easy-to-locate reset button. Other than that, I’d prefer they were invisible or at least, unobtrusive.

Instead they scream for our attention. There seem to be at least seven guidelines that designers of routers follow:

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1. Take a geometric shape, then warp it, so it looks like you earned that design degree.

2. Add facets, the more the better.

3. Add facets and a splash of a hi-tech color.

4. Add facets and attention-getting vents.

5. Mold decorative grooves into at least one face.

6. Use multiple surface textures, matte, shiny, vented, etc.

7. People might be tempted to tuck this behind a couch, so make sure it draws attention to itself.

8. Combine all seven of the guidelines above.

Source: core77

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