Why Cats Blink Slowly At People

Have you ever seen your cat blink slowly at you after staring at it for a long time? If you did, then your cat probably feels safe and comfortable with you.

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While animal experts can’t say conclusively, the slow blink is probably a good thing. Speaking with Inverse, Mikel Delgado, a cat researcher at the University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, says cats often express negative emotions by avoiding eye contact. If they’re afraid or feel threatened, they won’t stare. If they’re focused on something without blinking, chances are they’re feeling aggressive. Therefore, one way cats can hold eye contact without signaling you’re about to be attacked is to blink.


While it may not exactly be an expression of love, it is likely a sign of contentment. If a cat is feeling comfortable around a human, closing its eyes is an indication it doesn’t need to monitor you as a possible threat.

It is also advised to blink while staring at your cat’s eyes, as staring at the cat without blinking could be perceived as a threat by the feline.

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(Image Credit: Chikilino/ Pixabay)

Source: neatorama

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