Why Hire a Translator When You Can Use an App?

(Image source: dandagent)

Ain’t modern technology wonderful? Machine translation allows us to read news articles on non-English websites, but if you’ve done that a few times, you know that certain details have to be taken with a grain of salt. Today I read about a skating rink in South America, but if you look closely at the picture, it’s obviously what we would call a skate park. That’s a minor detail. But when you are posting a sign in more than one language, it may be rather important to get some feedback on the language you don’t know.

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What was, we assume, supposed to be a “no exit” sign has turned into something way more dramatic and memorable. Sure, a machine translation is cheaper, but you’re taking a chance that may result in your sign becoming an internet meme. See 50 examples of poor translations that turned out to be quite funny in a second language at Bored Panda.

Source: neatorama

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