“Why Is That On Your Dating Profile?”: Woman Analyzes The Worst Profiles In A Hilarious Way

The world of online dating can be incredibly peculiar. And the deeper down the rabbit hole you go, the greater the chances of ending up in Wonderland (or is that Weirdland?). Granted, I’ve personally never tried it, but I’ve heard hundreds of stories from my close friends and acquaintances about just how bizarre things can get. 

Amateur comedian, “professional worrier,” and TikTok content creator Shelby Daun is making the internet laugh with her candid and hilarious videos from her ‘why is that on your dating profile’ series. Shelby shares the strangest dating profiles she’s come across and analyzes them in a hilarious way. Some of these are so mind-blowing, we can’t believe that they’re real!

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If you’ve ever felt bad about your dating game, seeing these errr special dating profiles might just make you feel better. In a very “I might have some baggage, but at least I’m not doing this” kind of way. Ready to head deep into the Land of Online Dating? Take a firm hold of your sanity, get ready to laugh (a lot!), and let’s gooo!

Bored Panda reached out to the creator of the witty videos, Shelby, to hear all about what inspired her to make them, to get her take on the online dating world, and how to know whether someone’s being genuine on their profile at a glance. We also had a chat with dating expert Dan Bacon, the founder of The Modern Man blog, who explained that men ought to focus on finding their confidence in themselves, instead of thinking about what they can do to get women to like them. Read on for both of their insights, Pandas!

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You wasted my time by making me read all of that

Image credits: shelby_daun

Shelby was candid about what the inspiration behind her viral TikTok videos was. “I have been single for a while, and always on and off the apps. I used to share funny/ridiculous profiles I would find with my friends, and I thought it would be funny to share them on TikTok, too because I knew I wasn’t the only one having a hard time on the apps!” she said.

The content creator believes her videos resonate with a lot of people because many of them have been in similar situations. “A lot of the time when you’re single, friends and family are asking how dating is going and ‘have you tried dating apps’ when in reality, if they knew what was really on the apps, they would know dating is not easy!” she pointed out that the online dating landscape isn’t as ideal as some would think.

In Shelby’s opinion, the essence of online dating is about showing others respect. Failing to see your potential matches as human beings can come across as self-centered and even arrogant. “I think the line between a good and a bad dating profile is the way they speak about others. Bad profiles have no respect for other people and are usually only focused on their wants like they’re the King and we are there to please them.” The video creator told Bored Panda that the men in these bad profiles have a ‘what can you do for me’ mentality when it comes to, well, pretty much everything.


Have you ever tried Ben & Jerry’s though? You missing out

Image credits: shelby_daun


Why? Do you need somebody to teach you how to do that? Or…

Image credits: shelby_daun

Meanwhile, good profiles “seem genuine and want a connection with another human being, not just someone to use.”

Shelby said that she doesn’t think of herself as a content creator. However, she’s still happy that she managed to touch upon “the same headache” and shared experiences that many other single people face. “The comments, messages, and stories from others keep me inspired to keep making the videos. I feel like as humans we’re wired for connection with others, and TikTok is a great platform to do that.”

She added that her videos are meant to be funny and her goal isn’t to actively hurt anyone. “I just hope everyone knows I make these for humor purposes only and my intent is never to hurt anyone, which is why I don’t show photos either. I never want these to be malicious, I just want them to be funny!”

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Let me guess, Bill Gates is behind this

Image credits: shelby_daun


I mean save something for the first date to talk about.

Image credits: shelby_daun



Image credits: shelby_daun

Meanwhile, Dan, the founder of The Modern Man, told Bored Panda about the most important things for men when it comes to making good online dating profiles. At the core of this lie confidence, communicating one’s social approval, and not trying too hard.

“The most important thing for men are: photos that show him looking confident on his own, photos that show him look confident, happy and included around other people, not trying too hard with his description,” Dan told Bored Panda.


How about nooo.

Image credits: shelby_daun


Seems like Spoon doesn’t want to get forked ever. The thing that bothers about this one the most is DON’T YOU DARE say that dogs don’t belong in the house

Image credits: shelby_daun


I mean yeah. I think that’s a lot of people’s coffee order

Image credits: shelby_daun

“When writing, think to yourself, ‘What would I write if I was honestly confident about myself and knew that the women reading it would like me?’ Start from there, rather than thinking, ‘How can I get women to like me based on what I write?'” he noted the different approaches to online dating.

According to dating expert Dan, men become unattractive to women when they sense that they’re trying too hard to be attractive. He added that men showing their dating profiles to their friends can help iron out some mistakes, however, this won’t be helpful in the majority of cases. “Most guys don’t really know how to attract women and only rely on getting lucky. So, it can often be a case of the blind leading the blind,” he cautioned.


You know you’ve got us right up until the end. It’s a shame, though I know some people are into that

Image credits: shelby_daun


We know, we can tell. You didn’t need to tell us

Image credits: shelby_daun


You don’t want better for yourself? Wanna stick with what you know? Ok, ok. I hope you’ll find love

Image credits: shelby_daun

Shelby describes herself as a single and anxious millennial. She has over 97.7k followers on TikTok and her videos have gotten 1.9 million likes combined. If you’ve ever come across some utterly bizarre dating profiles, you can share them with Shelby via her Instagram account. You never know, the profile you sent over could end up in one of her newest funny videos!

Bored Panda has analyzed online dating quite a bit over the years. Recently, I spoke about the phenomenon and how it’s changed the landscape of traditional dating with relationship and dating expert Dan from The Modern Man in more detail. He told Bored Panda earlier that online and traditional dating are fundamentally different worlds.

According to dating expert Dan, it’s important to be playful and attention-grabbing on online dating apps like Tinder. However, if you overdo this, you run the risk of coming across as “try-hard or desperate” which means you get rejected just like in real-life interactions.


It is 2021 if you have unaccepting parents, I am your mom now, ok?

Image credits: shelby_daun


So you just looked our direction, huh? Ok

Image credits: shelby_daun


“Kiki do you love me?”

Image credits: shelby_daun

When it comes to online dating, figuring out whether somebody is telling you the truth and is being genuine can be a real challenge. Dan said that it’s best to move away from just texting on the dating app to try and check whether the person is who they say they are.

“Get to a phone call, or video call as quickly as possible, so you can actually get a feel for each other and see if you click. At the very least, send voice texts back and forth so you can determine each other’s level of interest, as well as personality type and temperament,” he said.

Relying just on texting to communicate can potentially lead to someone feeling hurt because they misinterpreted their potential match’s level of interest. “A man might send a woman a text and she then replies with a laughing emoji, with tears of laughter. He thinks he’s doing well, but in reality, she is rolling her eyes and thinking that his joke was lame. He might then continue using that type of humor and causing a disconnect between himself and her,” the expert warned.


This guy has camel toes, get it? Permanently on his toes

Image credits: shelby_daun


Ok, so not any size

Image credits: shelby_daun


That go for the bedroom too? Cause eww

Image credits: shelby_daun

“Online dating is more superficial and based on appearances compared to real-world interactions, which is more about how both people feel when interacting with each other in person,” dating expert Dan told Bored Panda.

Dan also shared his thoughts about how online dating has changed the “positions of power” that both men and women had prior to this. He said that traditional dating favors men while women appear to have the upper hand when it comes to online dating.

“A woman who would normally accept an average, confident, good guy in real life, will often have very high standards and only accept very good looking men on Tinder, or online dating. This results in millions of average-looking men wasting their time trying to match up with women who just aren’t going to give them a chance. It also results in some women being able to date very good-looking men who normally wouldn’t be interested,” the dating expert mused.


You know feminism just means equality, right? Oh, at the end you said you are not boyfriend material or a decent human being material, got it

Image credits: shelby_daun


He is just out to brunch with his friends it his is like “That’s a nice set of birthing hips”. Just proof read

Image credits: shelby_daun


Does that mean that you wear smelly clothes on your dates? You do know how to do your laundry, right?

Image credits: shelby_daun

What’s more, Dan pointed out that there’s a certain advantage to try and get a date in real life as opposed to relying only on dating apps. 

“With traditional dating, average-looking men can enjoy the position of power because almost all men are afraid to approach and talk to women in real life. When an average looking man has the confidence to approach and talk to a woman in real life, as well as the ability to flirt and create a spark during a conversation, he will find that many of the single women he meets show interest and give their phone number,” he said.


You probably have butterflies in your stomach now but it’s called guilt and shame. You should probably tell your wife

Image credits: shelby_daun


So, do you have standards, though?

Image credits: shelby_daun


I am almost there

Image credits: shelby_daun

“In some cases, a pretty woman who would never be interested in him via online dating or Tinder, can fall in love, marry and start a family with him all from him having the courage to walk up and say hello to her in person,” the expert noted that confidence can be an incredibly powerful force. 

“Many guys spend years trying to get a match via online dating when they could get a match in real life in a matter of minutes or hours if they just had the confidence to approach and ability to flirt and create a spark,” Dan highlighted the importance of trying to ask someone out in person, instead of exclusively relying on dating apps. Which, as many of us have already seen, can make plenty of people act in very bizarre ways to try and get someone’s attention.


John posted a lovely tribute to “dad” while holding up the middle finger as his profile picture. I’ve never seen a dating profile dedicated to somebody but alright p.

Image credits: shelby_daun


Could you have worded that just a little less disgusting ’cause you are talking to strangers

Image credits: shelby_daun


You’re so close buddy, keep going

Image credits: shelby_daun


Also to keep 100% with you I super doubt you get any messages based on that first sentence of you, but good luck

Image credits: shelby_daun


This is oddly specific, so I am assuming someone close to you has this problem. Might I suggest toilet paper or pad instead of wet wipes

Image credits: shelby_daun


NOT ME! Next

Image credits: shelby_daun


This is like a white trash Dwight. I feel like finance should be above cannabis if anything. Um, I really wanna know who said that quote, ’cause if it’s good ol’ Rob, um, then he isn’t going close to them

Image credits: shelby_daun


Ok, first of all who calls it supper. And second of all good luck in finding money to swipe

Image credits: shelby_daun



Image credits: shelby_daun


You mean like the drug?

Image credits: shelby_daun


So don’t say why it says 31 when you literally put 31 in there. You knew what you were doing

Image credits: shelby_daun


So you are gonna keep your dating profile when you are dating someone and when you are engaged too. This right up until you I say “I do” and sign paperwork? No, I think that will work out really well for you

Image credits: shelby_daun


Literally just delete your account, just quit. Stop telling us what to do, that’s annoying and we don’t care

Image credits: shelby_daun


Important grammar lesson. Do you mean “girls want more THAN a hookup” or “girls want more, then hookup”. I don’t know

Image credits: shelby_daun

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