Why Psychotic Killers Target Summer Camps …in Movies

In 1980, Camp Crystal Lake entered the public consciousness as a horror site, even though it was fictional. That was the summer that a crazed killer offed a group of teenage camp counselors one by one while we all watched in the darkness of a movie theater. The movie was Friday the 13th, a film that not only scared the pants off audiences, but went on to spawn more than a dozen sequels and spinoffs. It also established summer camp as the perfect place for a slasher to do his business. You know that because several more horror films were set in some type of summer camp in the 1980s.

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Why is summer camp the perfect horror movie set? You know the answer, it came to you immediately. But whatever you’re thinking is not the only reason, because there are a bunch of them. The line of slasher films set in a summer camp lasted through the 1980s for reasons detailed at Atlas Obscura.

Source: neatorama

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