Why the New York Yankees are Clean-Shaven

If you watch the New York Yankees play baseball from a distance, meaning the cheap seats, you have to be really tuned into the team to tell the players apart. Their jerseys do not have the players’ names on the back, and they don’t have distinctive hair. Yankees are expected to shave and keep their hair above their collar. When the team signs a new player, the news comes with a trim (the Tweet above has nine examples in the thread). It’s been that way for almost 50 years now.

The clean-shaven era for the Yankees began when George Steinbrenner, along with 11 other investors, bought the team in 1973. At the time, Steinbrenner said that the investors would be hands off. “I’ll stick to building ships,” he said. That didn’t last long. You might be surprised at what changed Steinbrenner from an absentee investor into a micromanager. It was flowers.

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The rules about facial hair that Steinbrenner instigated have a little wiggle room- mustaches and sideburns are allowed, and players have pushed the envelope over the years. But as other teams have relaxed or dropped grooming codes, the Yankee still expect a clean shave and short haircut, even after Steinbrenner died in 2010. Read the story of the clean-shaven Yankees at Mel magazine.

Source: neatorama

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