Why We Don’t Make Pencil Sharpeners

After we started selling pencils designed for woodworking, several customers asked why don’t make a pencil sharpener as well. 

Two words: Mobius+Ruppert.

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These German-made sharpeners are exactly what we would make. They are brass, nicely machined and you can purchase replacement blades so the tool will last a lifetime. Plus the price is great, from $8 to $11, depending on the seller.

I love the Mobius+Ruppert 602. It’s a heavy disc of brass that has two holes: one for oversized pencils like ours and another for the more standard-size pencil. The blades come sharp, and the knurled exterior makes it nice to hold while you work.

I also have the M+R 604, which makes a beautiful long bevel on slender pencils (it won’t accept our 3/8”-diameter pencils). 

I bought mine from Thackery LLC, though you can find them at many artist supply stores, including Blick, which is also a great place to buy replacement blades.

As always, we are not sponsored by any of these companies. They don’t even know we exist.

— Christopher Schwarz

Source: lostartpress.com

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