Wick Is Today’s Version of Portable Candlelight

Wick Is Today’s Version of Portable Candlelight

While candlelight is no longer a necessity of life, Wick is the modern interpretation of it. Graypants Studio, based in Seattle and Amsterdam, has created this energy-efficient portable LED fixture that’s ready to go everywhere with you. With no cord, plug, or flame, Wick can travel from home to campsite, ready to set the mood and humanize the everyday moments that happen in life.

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The fixture’s aluminum body is plated in satin brass, with a carrying ring similar to that of classic candleholders. Wick can last up to one hundred hours per charge, and features a touch sensor control, three lighting levels and a pulse mode that mirrors the flicker of a real candle. When it loses its shine, simply recharge the internal USB-C battery. Wick’s brightness reaches levels both suitable for reading and relaxing, but without the threat of fire so it’s safe for kids as well.

>>> Wick sells for $149 and is available in the Design Milk Shop here! <<<

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