Wife Convinced Husband Intentionally Spilled Wine On Her Dress After She Refused To Wear The $300 One He Got Her

Relationships are challenging, and more often than not, things are not as dreamy as they might seem on your social media feed or in that overly romantic “guilty pleasure” movie that you watch when you’re feeling particularly down.

Once the so-called honeymoon phase ends, and you’re no longer as blinded by those raging emotions – you might begin to notice little bits and pieces that could make you question the strength of your connection.

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Frankly, it’s not unusual for people to endure their partner’s flaws because they’re convinced that they have the power to change them, or they sincerely don’t recognize those “imperfections” as red flags and continue to co-exist until something bigger happens.

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Relationships are never easy, but it’s crucial to recognize the “red flags” before it’s too late

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“AITA for leaving the restaurant because of what my husband did?” – this online user turned to one of the most well-liked subreddits to seek advice from the community members and, perhaps, find out whether she was wrong to storm off out of the restaurant as she believed that her husband spilled wine on her to force her into wearing a $300 dress she originally loathed. The post received 14.1K upvotes and nearly 3K worth of comments discussing this situation.

Woman storms off out of the restaurant after spouse spills wine to allegedly force her into wearing a $300 dress he bought

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The author began her post by revealing that her 35-year-old husband comes from a well-off family and is friends with mostly wealthy folk, whereas she comes from a humble, working-class background.

The thing is, the woman’s husband deeply cares about appearance; at first, he didn’t try to control the OP’s looks but still bought her clothes that he vouched she’d love, though the author mentioned that nothing was ever in her style.

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After the couple had tied the knot, the man sat the author down, telling her that she absolutely gets to decide things about her looks – except, however, when they’re out with his family or friends.

The spouse also introduced the OP to high-end brands and she began wearing the clothes whenever there was an occasion involving her husband’s loved ones, though the woman mentioned that it did limit her choices on what to wear, as she’s more into simple things.

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The couple had to attend a friend’s birthday party that was celebrated at an upscale restaurant. The woman’s spouse bought her a $300 dress to wear for the occasion – however, the OP didn’t like many things about it and eventually told the partner that she’d wear her $60 floral maxi dress.

Naturally, the guy wasn’t so pumped about it and even said that the author was violating the “rules” that they’d discussed days after they got married. The OP revealed that the purchased dress wasn’t in her style and said that she could either wear her $60 dress or she wasn’t going to the event.

When they got to the restaurant, no one mentioned the author’s dress, apart from one friend with whom they exchanged pleasantries, but right after dinner, the OP’s husband suddenly spilled wine all over the woman’s chest and thighs.

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The guy freaked out but seconds later said that thankfully he had a replacement and pulled out the 300 dollar dress OP originally refused to wear. Instinctively, the author couldn’t help but think that this whole thing was done deliberately simply to force her into wearing the other dress.

Once her spouse handed her the dress and told her to go change, she got up, but instead of going to the restroom – she made her way straight to the exit.

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The man followed his wife outside where they began arguing; he said that he couldn’t understand why the OP was behaving like this and embarrassing them both in front of his friends. The author revealed that it seemed like he looked down on her dress and tried to trick her into wearing something that he wanted by spilling wine all over her. He threw a fit and told her to go back inside – however, the woman refused and said that she wouldn’t move until her cab arrived.

Once both of them were at home, the husband said that the OP could’ve worn the dress and not made a scene, but she said that he disrespected her choices and implied that she was an embarrassment.

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The spouse argued that the author should stop acting so insensitive and getting offended over nothing; he said that the author had made a joke out of him in front of his friends.

What do you think about this situation? Was the husband in the wrong?

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