WikiHow Answers To Questions No One Has Ever Asked

The concept behind WikiHow is rock solid yet it has one major limitation- there are a finite number of things people are going to want to know how to do.

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WikiHow has been able to continue growing over the years despite this because they seem to think there is actually an infinite number of things people will want to know how to do- so they keep coming up with more.

Ever wanted to know how to create a Love Altar? Of course you haven’t, you get your lovin’ the normal way- by talking to the person you’re interested in dating, so you also probably don’t care about descending staircases with elegance either.

But if you’re ever curious about it WikiHow is there for you, to teach you all the useless lessons you never wanted to know, including How To Act Like A Mermaid At School. You’re welcome!

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Source: neatorama

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