Wild By Nature – Hyrule's Original Cucco Tossing Gangsta

Wild By Nature by inkOne Art

Link was never down with OPP, nor is he the type of guy who likes to yoke the joker, but when a quest calls for him to unleash his savage side he’s happy to go all hip hop hooray on his foes and show them he’s wild by nature. That’s because Link has been a badass since back in the day, so it’s going to take more than a bout of amnesia and a 100-year slumber to slow his roll. But that bad boy Ganon better watch his back, because the more Link remembers about his life as the hero of Hyrule the more likely he is to hunt that Calamity creep down!

Celebrate the return of everyone’s favorite pointy-eared hero with this Wild By Nature t-shirt by inkOne Art, it’s the fun way to show the world you’ve seen Link as a legend since way back.

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