Wildlife Photographers Talk About the Toughest Shot They’ve Taken

Great wildlife photographs don’t just happen. Besides the skill of taking a good picture, it requires bravery, patience, perseverance, technology, luck, and the willingness to rough it in the pursuit of an unwilling subject. Still, photographers manage to capture amazing images. Greek wildlife photographer Panos Laskarakis tells about the time he watched lions take down buffaloes in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Getting photos of the action was dangerous, but the scene became even more dramatic over the next days.

The best part was yet to come though. In the middle of the next night, the lions came under attack from almost 30 hyenas that were trying to steal the kill from them! It was a rare and cruel scene that I, the guide on the safari, and clients, of course, had never seen before. The ferocity, the sounds of terror coming from everywhere, and the intense darkness made the shots very tough to get.

The next morning, this large male lion returned and peered through the bones, creating this portrait. That was the moment I felt the power of the king in my heart.”

Read Laskarakis’ story, and those of five other photographers and their accounts of the toughest wildlife photo they ever took. -via Digg

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Source: neatorama

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