Wildly Specific Product Design: Stealth Cooler for Sneaking Beer Onto Golf Courses

Talk about specific use cases. A company called Falcona Wild makes this Golf Cooler, a slim insulated bag designed specifically to smuggle booze onto a golf course.

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The stealth cooler can carry a six-pack of 12-ounce cans, or four tallboys, or two wine/champagne bottles. Two included icepacks zip into the front and back to keep things cool.

“Savoring a cool beer on a hot golf course is one of life’s simple pleasures,” the company writes, “and the Falcona Wild golf cooler bag has been designed with just this in mind. This small, discreet cooler bag fits comfortably in the pocket of most golf bags and saves you money on expensive clubhouse prices.”

You wonder if maybe someone gets their country club membership revoked for racking up a golf cart DUI.

Source: core77

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