Will Extreme Sitting Ever Be a Competitive Sport?

We think of sitting as an activity that isn’t active, so how could it ever be a sport? Sitting is something office workers do all day that they know isn’t good for them, or a rest and reward for people who stand or movie all day for their job. To Robert Silk, it isn’t just sitting that makes it extreme, but where and how you do it. It was an idea that came to him in 1995, but he only developed it in the last few years. The idea is to find an extreme location and sit all day, without electronics or entertainment. Or even a clock. Silk sat in Joshua Tree National Park for 14 and a half hours once. He’s sat all day in the desert quite a few times, and even spent the day on a beach in Antarctica in a chair he brought with him on a cruise ship.

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As far as competition, it hasn’t quite taken off yet, as Silk is the only competitor. But the idea might catch on. Read about Silk’s philosophy about sitting and his accomplishments at Atlas Obscura.

(Image credit: Peter Wick)

Source: neatorama

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