Will This 2019 Pokemon Rumor Come True?

Who doesn’t want a remake of older Pokemon games? I would! Some accurate predictions from a huge Pokemon rumor from 2019 came true. The rumor accurately predicted the existence of Galarian Mr. Mime and how fossils would work in the franchise’s latest game, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The last of the predictions from the rumor is that after the latest mainline games, the next would be a remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl: 

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That’s not all the rumor said about the next mainline games. It also mentions it will have Pokemon Let’s Go’s catching mechanics, which would prove to be controversial if true.

It’s worth noting the short-and-sweet rumor mentions that these remakes would be out in 2020, which would normally be a red flag, because obviously, this didn’t happen, however, this being wrong doesn’t automatically mean the whole thing is wrong. Further, for all we know, that could have been the plan until the pandemic hit and disrupted everything.

Image via IGN 

Source: neatorama

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