Will Your Boyfriend Be a Good Husband? Find Out Using This Simple Test

For many of us, getting married or thinking about marriage can bring about a lot of questions and worries. After all, we are uncertain of the future. Perhaps the most common question, and perhaps also the most important question to ask is, “Will my partner turn out to be a good husband or wife?”

For females asking this question, Japanese Twitter user @r_itt_su may perhaps have found how to find out the answer it. His way (yes, he’s a man giving advice to women!) of finding out is through a liquid-based litmus test.

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“If you’re saying ‘I don’t know where to look to see if my beau will be a good husband,’ here’s some advice. The answer is the iced barley tea pitcher. When the pitcher in the fridge is getting low, a guy who doesn’t say a word but goes ahead and makes a new pitcher of tea will be a good husband. A guy who leaves just a little in the pitcher so that his girlfriend has to make the next pitcher will be a bad husband.

For men asking the same question, he has this to say:

“And on the flip-side, a woman who can ask ‘We’re almost out of tea, so can you make a new pitcher?’ and says thank-you afterwards will be a good wife. If she doesn’t say anything until she blows up and says ‘Why am I the only one who makes the tea? You should notice that and make it!’, the guy will probably react with ‘If you want me to make some tea, just say so!’, and they’ll just end up arguing.”

What are your thoughts? Is his advice sound?

(Image Credit: @r_itt_su/ Twitter)

Source: neatorama

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