Winter Solstice in Latvia

Long before December 25th was designated as the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus, northern civilizations celebrated the winter solstice. While the solstice doesn’t mean much in the tropics, it is a big deal in colder places, because it means daylight will stop shrinking and begin to grow again. Watch a traditional solstice song and dance from Latvia celebrating the solstice the way their ancestors did. A machine translation from the description at YouTube says,

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Everything is as it used to be.
Just like in fairy tales, it is the eve of the Winter Solstice and Goddess is standing by the door, a camomile.
Just as in the past, the night alternates with the day and the Sun gives his daughter the Velas to this land.
And just like in the past, we masquerade to pull up the feast on the hill and re-create the world.


-via Nag on the Lake

Source: neatorama

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