With Gimbal-Sporting Moin Camera, the Personal Video Camera Continues to Evolve

They say the best camera is the one you have with you, and given the ubiquity of smartphones, you’d think the standalone video camera was a dead product category. Surprisingly, however, they still exist–and the form is continuing to evolve. Gudsen Technology, a company that manufactures camera stabilizing rigs, has branched out with their own handheld Moin Camera, featuring a gimbal lens:

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While there is editing software built into the camera, users would still have to transfer the video to their smartphones (which happens wirelessly) in order to upload them. I’m guessing that might give some potential customers pause.

Those who prefer to shoot and upload directly will likely be more attracted to the company’s Moza Mini MX, a portable gimbal that attaches to a smartphone:

The Moin Camera runs $300, and the Mini MX is $89.

Source: core77

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