Wolverine's Wildest Offspring

Wolverine’s offspring have proven to be an entertaining cast of characters who give their dad a run for his money in terms of ferocity and bloodthirst only most of ’em ain’t as nice as Logan, bub.

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Daken is a lot like his dad only without the warmth or human compassion, and the first time he met Wolverine he slashed his old man’s stomach open and left him to die.

Daken’s one scary dude but he looks like a choir boy compared to Raze Darkholme- offspring of Wolverine and Mystique.

Raze can shapeshift, has bone claws, an incredible healing factor and heightened senses, and since his power level rivals that of his parents he keeps them both looking over their shoulders Did I mention Raze is also a time traveler?

Poor Wolverine can’t seem to win with his angsty mutant offsprings, but there’s one kid who actually loved and cared for Wolvie during the post-apocalyptic Old Man Logan storyline- Hulk Jr.:

After Old Man Logan wipes out the Hulk Gang, he rides off into the sunset with the last surviving member of Bruce Banner’s family, his grandson Hulk Jr., who also happened to be Banner’s favorite. Logan forsakes his former identity as the Wolverine and becomes the Hooded Man, raising Hulk Jr. to be a force for good. Together, they retake the United States, joining with the Fantastic Four and other heroes to form the New Defenders.

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