Woman Asks For Advice After Her Neighbor Complains About Her Laundry “Ruining Her View”

Your neighbors are some of the most important people in your life—like your landlord and your coworkers, they have the power to make your life go smooth as butter or they can fill it with fire, brimstone, and a bunch of official complaints against you.

However, it doesn’t take loud music at night, weird parking habits, or mowing your lawn at the break of dawn to infuriate some people. No, some of them get mad at folks who… hang their laundry outside. That’s exactly what happened to Mumsnet user Afrodizzyak, who turned to the forum’s users for advice. You’ll find the full story and what the internet thought as you scroll down.

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Hanging your laundry outside shouldn’t be a big deal. It’s mundane. However, some people take issue with it

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One woman shared how a new neighbor started complaining about all the things everyone did ‘wrong’

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Image credits: Afrodizzyak

The laundry was just the tip of the drama iceberg

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The Mumsnet user explained that she doesn’t hang out any ‘spicy’ or ‘saucy’ laundry on the line for anyone to take issue with. It’s your regular, boring, run-of-the-mill clothing. However, her neighbor thought that it was ruining her view. So much so that she took photos of it as evidence, so she could complain to the local council.

It’s very likely that the neighbor in question is either extremely entitled or incredibly sensitive to her surroundings. Case in point, she also complained about another neighbor who whistles and told another one to keep his windows closed while he was cooking. What’s more, her desire for sensory peace extends to nature, too—she growls at birds that sing, too.

In short, she desires complete control of her surroundings while living… surrounded by other people. Instead of moving elsewhere or trying to come to terms with minor inconveniences (which are very subjective), she’s choosing to try to control everyone else’s behavior. The fact of the matter is that unless you’re living in a massive mansion or have a lonely shack somewhere out in the woods, you’ll probably have to deal with other people from time to time.

If you ever have issues with your neighbors, try to find a compromise without attacking them

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And when people interact, there’s friction. But you need to recognize when there’s a legitimate problem or if someone’s simply going about their life, just as you are. However, there are also opportunities for friendship, growth, and baking apple pies to introduce yourself as the new neighbor. It’s all about how you frame and approach the situation.

For instance, if your neighbor’s laundry is legitimately blocking your entire view, then you can explain the situation and laugh about the ridiculousness of it all over a friendly cup of tea.

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Similarly, if someone else from your building is making food that is objectively pungent, it’s perfectly fine to ask them to shut the window. However, do so in a diplomatic, friendly way. The last thing you want is to make them defensive by seeming like you’re at their throat. Instead, admit that it’s a bit of an awkward request on your part while explaining that the wind sends all of those smells into your apartment. Consider inviting them over for dinner sometime or asking for one of their recipes.

People become friends while spending time together doing, well, it doesn’t really matter what you do all that much, so long as you do it. The more opportunities you have to interact with your neighbors, the friendlier you’ll all be, and so you’ll be far more likely to be flexible if there’s ever an issue in the future. Very few people are going to stop whistling for an angry new neighbor, but they might consider not doing so around their pal’s open windows if they know it’s an issue for them.

Face-to-face conversations and diplomacy are a good first step. However, if the problem is serious, there are alternatives

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However, not everyone’s going to be friendly and open to change. If there is a legitimate problem with noise or smells or behavior, your first step is to talk to the person. Try to find some sort of compromise (even if you feel that you’re 100% in the right). After all, you’ll likely live next to them for years.

If your little heart-to-heart doesn’t work, you should do a bit of research. ‘Today’ suggests checking out your local ordinances and bylaws, referring to them, and then sending your neighbor a letter asking them to change whatever it is that’s causing the problem.

Meanwhile, talk to your local council, building board, or homeowners association to get their take on the entire situation. Ask them to mediate the process to ensure neutrality. If the situation is completely out of hand, you might even need to get the authorities involved. And as a last resort, you can always seek legal help and file a complaint in court. Though save those calls to the police and your lawyer for endless midnight raves and aggressive neighbors, not laundry on a line and cooking with the window open.

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