Woman Captures Pictures Of Birds Eating In Backyard

A woman sets up a tiny photo booth in her backyard to capture birds eating because wild birds can be very hard to study since they have a tendency to fly away in fear if a human approaches them.

The visitors to Lisa’s backyard don’t know they are being photographed and so they let their personalities shine for the camera. We get a glimpse of two mourning doves nuzzling beaks and a couple of other birds who look like they are in a shouting match. But some of the most fascinating images are of the solo creatures enjoying a mid-day snack. Lisa’s camera has snapped pictures of a crow who has a toothy grin made of a mouthful of kernels as well as a blackbird showing off the giant moth it’s about to feast on.

Take a look at the photographs here!

Image Credits: Ostdrossel

Source: neatorama

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