Woman Creates Exquisite “Wearable Storybook” Dress Inspired by a French Town

Pairing an admiration for haute couture with an appreciation for the Hauts-de-France, French fashion designer Sylvie Facon has created Hommage à Arras (“Homage to Arras”), an exquisite evening gown that pays tribute to the historic town. Featuring everything from intricate illustrations to “iridescent lace and pearls,” the dress puts a storybook spin on French fashion.

At first glance, the fanciful frock looks like a fantastical work of fiction. However, look closely, and you’ll discover it actually features factual depictions of Arras’ artistic and architectural treasures.

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On the bust, you’ll find the Flemish-inspired façades that line its Baroque town square. The Angels of Saudemont, a series of gilded Medieval statues, are perched on the hips, while the Lion of Arras, a symbolic sculpture from the town’s belfry, are situated on the shoulders. In addition to these specific landmarks and recognizable sites, the gown also incorporates the little details that make Arras so special, from its pavement to its plants.

Aiming to “master all stages, from the sketch to the last point,” Facon creates dresses that combine fine art with tailor-made fashion. Like Hommage à Arras, her other dresses double as storytellers, showcasing the bountiful beauty of ordinary objects and everyday sights.

Inspired by the charming architecture of Arras, France, Sylvie Facon has designed an intricate dress that looks like a storybook.

In addition to her famed Arras dress, the designer also dreams up other unique evening gowns.

Sylvie Facon: Website | Instagram | Facebook
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