Woman Flashes Her Prenup To Shut Up Husband’s Snobby Family Who Claimed She’s A “Gold Digger”

There’s only so much hate that one can withstand before they bend and break. And depending on the hate, the break might end up fueling something savage and fierce. The civil kind, though

A woman, having lived through years of her husband’s family calling her a gold-digger (and similar epithets), decided that enough is enough and she proved the snobs wrong by a simple act of transparency.

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There’s only so much hate that a person can bear until they snap in the most civil, yet also savage way possible

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A woman recently shut her in-laws up by showing her prenup to them, proving that’s not a gold-digger, but a successful entrepreneur

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The woman also provided a couple of updates in response to people’s questions on the details

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However, her husband didn’t think that was the best of ideas as it might give the family ideas for leeching

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The story goes that Redditor u/BlasianInvasions shared how her husband’s family kept harassing her because they assumed she wasn’t as well off as her husband—and hence she must have been a gold-digger.

That was not the case, however, as OP was an accomplished entrepreneur. Actually, according to her calculations, she owned a bit more than her husband, and both were technically millionaires at this point.

Well, after years of having to hear the snobby family take a jab at her, she simply redacted her prenuptial agreement and shoved it in their face. That surprisingly worked. Kinda. They stopped with the hate. And some actually were sort of nice to her. But we all know better.

This, however, caused a bit of unease in the relationship as the husband thought this might be an invitation for his enterprising family to take advantage of OP’s wealth. And some commenters agreed with this. Though, for them, this was also a great opportunity to completely cut them off now that they know as it makes for some quality petty revenge.

And it doesn’t take much to shut down a snob, if you know them well enough to hit the key weak points

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A huge part of shutting down a snob is countering snobby behavior. For instance, a lot of a snob’s “power” revolves around the fact that they make others feel inferior to them. So, don’t let them. Don’t give in to their social commentary and don’t let them walk all over you—that might make them retarget or tone down the snobbiness.

Other tactics include calling them out and proving them wrong and treating their outlandish comments with kindness as opposed to rude overreactions.

It helps to understand snobs better before moving on the offensive, however. It’s likely someone’s a snob because they feel insecure, threatened, or they just don’t know any better as they were raised that way. That’s why being kind and leading with a positive example might result in a transformative experience.

Heck, this might even become an educational thing for you too as you might understand some of the snobbish things you yourself do. Work on those to show the hardcore snobs how it’s done.

So, what are your thoughts on any of this? Share your takes and stories in the comment section below! And if you don’t feel like you’re sharing more, then maybe you’d rather scroll your mood away with a similar story?

Folks weighed in on the issue, saying that the woman is not wrong in doing what she did

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