Woman Forgets She’s In A Video Conference, Starts Pooping

Some of us are indeed having a hard time getting used to that quarantine life now that doctors and other healthcare workers are advising to stay self-isolated to whoever that has the possibility. While some people taking the self-isolation rules a bit more lightly and allow themselves to leave the house and hang out with their neighbors while keeping a safe distance (of course!), others decide that it’s important to strictly be bound to your home. While it may seem like an introvert’s dream at first, after working from home for some time that can sure get into one’s head a bit, even so much that one simply forgets about being on a conference call when having to poop.


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A lot of people all over the world are trying to get used to new rules of working from home

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But it seems the blond woman on the left of this conference call is getting more accustomed to that home life than she’d like to

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The woman named Jessica forgot about being in a conference call while self-isolating and went straight to the toilet in the middle of it

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Seems like she got a bit too accustomed to constantly hearing the voices of her colleagues while being at home

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You can see the video here:

After seeing the video, a lot of people showed massive support to the poor woman instead of making fun of her

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