Woman Gets 2 New Dogs, Finds Out They Perfectly Match Her Couch

Nature is full of animals that can camouflage themselves and perfectly blend into their surroundings. These include species of owls, geckos, chameleons, butterflies, octopuses, leopards, those stick insects, and many more.

Well, turns out, dogs are now entering this list as seen with these sweet French bulldogs—albeit it’s in an artificial rather than natural environment, but it still counts—as they blend into the sofa that their owners have at home.

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Ever sat on your pet by accident because they look just like your couch?

Image credits: Splitpics UK / Tina Grantham

Meet the Grantham family of four from Lincolnshire. They share their home with four doggie companions: one Labrador and three French bulldogs. Now there’s a kicker with two of the bulldogs—they are very hard to spot if they go take a nap on the couch because they have a coat that looks the same as the couch velvet!

“When we bought them (Rocco and Vinnie), we realised how well they matched and blended with the sofa,” explained Tina Grantham. “The sofa being plush velvet in dark grey and silver tones, the pups blend perfectly and it’s sometimes difficult to spot them thinking they are cushions.”

The Grantham family just got a couple of French bulldogs named Rocco and Vinnie who are masters of camouflage… but only on the couch

Image credits: Splitpics UK / Tina Grantham

Hence, whenever anyone in the family wants to go chill on the couch, they have to do a double-take to make sure none of the camouflaged pooches are already resting on it.

“I don’t think they know they are camouflaged with the couch, however, but they spend a lot of time hiding behind the cushions and peeking out,” elaborated Tina. Needless to say, it makes spotting them even harder.

Sometimes, the puppers blend in even more by squeezing in between the cushions

Image credits: Splitpics UK / Tina Grantham

The family fell in love with the puppers right from the start. Tina said that when they arrived to pick them up, her eldest Harley fell in love with Rocco, while Flynn said Vinnie is his best friend. It was hard to choose between the two because the plan was to just get one, but they ended up taking both.

“Although they have a puppy each, both pups are loved and adored as much as the other and that decision my husband so ‘bravely’ made to buy two was definitely the best decision for us as a family.”

Ever since they got the dogs, they are now looking twice before sitting as it really is hard to spot them

Image credits: Splitpics UK / Tina Grantham

Tina loves photographing the puppers. And as soon as the pics hit the internet, people there loved it too. Tina recalls the reaction of the internet being amazing:

“Everyone loves them and their cute characters, but I did unfortunately get trolled once saying they hope I didn’t pay for the pups as they look mouldy.” Either that, or their couch. Hopefully, neither!

Image credits: Splitpics UK / Tina Grantham

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The story has been making headlines across multiple media outlets, garnering thousands of likes and shares.

And if you’re asking what the cute puppers are like, Tina said that Rocco is very loving, calm, super photogenic, and he loves snuggles with the other dogs—a social dog all around. Vinnie is more independent and also loves snuggles, but enjoys his own privacy too, hence he can be grumpy at times.

The kids aren’t the only ones who love the puppers as the internet also adores them and their camouflage

Image credits: Splitpics UK / Tina Grantham

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a dog that’s good at hiding as well? Let us know in the comment section below!

People loved the story, with many saying their pets also blend in with everything and cracking jokes

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