Woman Gets Into Fight With Husband And His Family After Refusing To Be A Stay-At-Home Mom, Asks The Internet For Advice

Support and respect are crucial in building a happy marriage. As long as two people find balance and look after each other, their bond can flourish and blossom into a beautiful relationship. But if there’s no appreciation, let alone consideration for a much-needed sense of independence, things can quickly go sideways. Something that Redditor DorothyNoBrickRoad experienced firsthand when she simply searched for more meaning in her life.

Two days ago, the 21-year-old woman reached out to the AITA community, wondering if she was being unreasonable for looking for a job. Being three months pregnant, she found her world turned upside down by her husband after he moved them away to an isolated farm. “I didn’t really want to do that but I agreed as I knew how much it meant to him,” the user explained.

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Unfortunately, the regret of this decision started looming over her head as her spouse kept dismissing her attempts at a bit of freedom. Not only that, but he also pressured the woman to be a stay-at-home mom as “everyone will be happier”. What followed turned into a heated marital dispute that made the user doubt her choices and seek advice from people online. Scroll down to read the full story, decide for yourself whether the user is in the wrong, and be sure to share your thoughts about the situation in the comments below.

Recently, a pregnant woman shared how her husband pressured her to be a stay-at-home mom and dismissed her wish to find a job

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Unsure of how to react, she asked the internet for perspective

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After reading the story, members of the AITA community rushed to the comments section to express overwhelming support for the woman. At the same time, they seemed to have raised a brow or two at her husband’s and in-laws’ behavior and shared concerns about the woman’s well-being. As the replies show, many Redditors pointed out that the author of this post should reconsider her options, discussing the red flags in the relationship the woman doesn’t seem to pick up on. Well, at least for now. Because the way the users see it, their marriage seems to be growing into a toxic bond between two people where the woman can, unfortunately, find herself in a deeply unsettling situation.

It can be extremely difficult to navigate through your relationship when you’re confronted with the adversity of differences in opinion. Especially when it aims to isolate you and take away any ounce of freedom you first expected. As Katherine Baldwin, a love, dating and relationship coach, and the author of How to Fall in Love told Bored Panda in a previous interview, it’s common to miss red flags, overlook them or even override them when we do spot them at the beginning of the relationship. “Red flags we miss or overlook at the start of a relationship will always be there, and unless they’re addressed and resolved, they can develop into serious issues that sabotage the relationship, causing hurt and heartache,” Baldwin said.

Finding yourself on a path to becoming isolated from the outside world is definitely a red flag. Isolation is one of the earliest signs of emotional and physical abuse where the abuser slowly cuts off all emotional ties to others except the one to him or her. According to a blog post on Collaborative Therapeutic Services (CTS), these negative behavior patterns from our partners may be difficult to detect. That’s why it’s important to learn about signs that show your significant other is slowly moving you away from your support network.

Some of the most common ways partners may try to isolate you is by demanding as much one-on-one time as possible and coming up with reasons to not see your friends and family. If they cancel your plans without your permission or make alternate arrangements any time you mention spending time with loved ones, it may show they feel threatened by your plans. “Again, this spontaneity can feel romantic at first, but when this behavior becomes a pattern of preventing you from seeing your family and friends, it should be a warning sign,” CTS wrote.

One more controlling tactic to have in mind is them monitoring your forms of communication with the outside world. Moreover, if you pick up that they are using jealousy, guilt, or other forms of emotional manipulation to get what they want, these are some powerful signs of trying to make you feel separated. “‘Making you feel guilty’ because you enjoy spending time with other friends, for example, implies that spending time with other friends is wrong, when in fact it’s perfectly normal and healthy,” they explained.

Isolation as a control tactic is difficult to recognize but can be extremely dangerous if not addressed. If you can relate to this story or any of the warning signs above, listen to your gut and know you can always reach out to loved ones or professionals for help. Just remember, watch out for these controlling behaviors and make sure to feel free, respected, and loved in your relationships.

People shared an outpouring of support for the woman and sounded the alarm about this relationship

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