Woman Gives Birth in Ocean on Purpose

Josy Peukert and her husband, Benni Cornelius, lead unconventional lifestyles. They have such a strong affinity for nature that Josy decided that the best type of “free birth” for her was to deliver in the crashing waves of a beach. The New York Post reports on their unique childbirth story.

The couple moved from Germany to Nicaragua. Peukert chose the beautiful Playa Majagual as the site of her fourth childbirth.

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Peukert’s first birth, which she describes as “traumatic”, took place in a clinic. The second was at home. For the third, even having a midwife present was too invasive for her. For this pregnancy, Peukert decided to have no medical interventions or even a doctor’s appointments.

When the child came to term, she and her husband, Cornelius, headed to the beach. Cornelius brought towels and a bowl to catch the placenta. Their son, Bohdi, is a healthy 7 pounds and 6 ounces.

-via David Burge

Source: neatorama

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