Woman Gives Out Discounts To Her OnlyFans As Christmas Presents, Ruins Christmas And Possibly Her Cousin’s Relationship

The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but sadly, not everyone gets to experience the magic of Christmas time the same way. Gathering with relatives can be stressful, preparing a feast for the whole family is exhausting, spending money on the perfect gifts can lead to more holiday-induced anxiety, and there’s always a bit of family drama sprinkled into the festivities. Whether it’s discussing politics, pressuring the younger relatives to get married and have children as soon as possible, or critiquing others for their dietary choices, our families know exactly which buttons to press to get under our skin.

Unfortunately for one woman, her annual Christmas family drama might have not only ruined the holiday, but her engagement as well. Below, you’ll find a painful story that was recently shared on the True Off My Chest subreddit where a woman explains how her cousin managed to upset the whole family with her Christmas “presents”. Let us know in the comments how you feel about this situation, and if you’ve endured your fair share of family drama during this time, feel free to share with your fellow pandas how you manage to get through the holidays. Then, if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda article featuring some family drama that took place on Christmas, you can find that story right here.   

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One woman is at a loss after her cousin managed to ruin Christmas, and potentially her relationship, all by handing out tasteless gifts to the men in the family

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The woman later responded to a few replies and provided additional information on the situation

If you’re not familiar with the site OnlyFans, it’s an internet content subscription service based in London. Essentially, creators earn money by uploading content that their fans pay to see. OnlyFans has a market with chefs, personal trainers and musicians, but the site is primarily used to share adult images and videos. So it’s extremely likely that Anna was asking all of the men in the family, who aren’t related to her, to pay to see her nude.

OnlyFans is a controversial site in and of itself, as not everyone is on board with sex work in general, but that’s not really what the issue here is. The problem is that this woman tried to go behind the backs of her relatives to invite their partners to see her explicit content. I’m sure it is incredibly challenging to build a following on OnlyFans, as it is on every other social media platform. But there are billions of people out there who could subscribe who aren’t in love with her relatives and who she won’t have to see at family gatherings for the rest of her life.

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Many creators on OnlyFans prefer to stay anonymous anyway, either by not showing their face or by using fake names and geo-blockers so the account won’t be traced back to them. There are various reasons for wanting to stay anonymous, including the potential of getting hacked, people you know stumbling across the account, the potential of someone trying to stalk you, and the possibility that this side job may clash with your day job. 

“Certain careers wouldn’t want to be associated with an OnlyFans creator, either because of the implied reputation or because of the position it would put the creator in,” Follower explains on their site. “Imagine a teacher with an OnlyFans page that was discovered by their students. Not only would it be highly inappropriate but, if the students were malicious enough, it could completely undermine their teaching ability if the images were passed around the school.”

That’s why it’s so surprising that this woman would happily share her OnlyFans information with people that she knows, but instead of being upfront and honest about it, she decided to go behind her relatives’ backs. Now, the fiancé in this story is not blameless either. He could have easily told his partner immediately and thrown away the envelope. But he decided to hide it, implying that he might plan to visit the site later. 

Watching porn while in a relationship does not necessarily mean that the couple is having trouble. According to Angie Rowntree, founder and director of Sssh. com—a sex-positive, ethical porn site created from a woman’s point of view, “The fact that one partner enjoys porn does not mean they are trying to ‘replace’ their actual relationship or real-life partner with porn. [It’s] fantasy. It does not depict the ‘every day’ of a real-life relationship, nor does it provide the actual intimacy that makes our mundane partnerships unique and gratifying.” However, honesty is paramount in a relationship. And if one person is going behind the other’s back to view explicit photos and videos of her cousin, that could be considered a red flag. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on this situation down below, pandas. I hope you’ve never had to deal with similar family drama, but feel free to share how you would have reacted in this situation and what steps you think this woman should take next. Then, if you’re interested in reading another Bored Panda article discussing holiday family drama, you can find that right here.  

Many invested readers shared their sympathy for the woman, noting that her cousin and her fiancé are guilty here

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