Woman Hears A "Swishing Sound" Coming from Her Breasts

Do breasts normally generate sound effects? I mean outside of anime, of course. The answer, in my admittedly limited experience, is no.

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Nonetheless, one woman reported to her physician that her breasts made a “swishing sound”. Weird Universe shares her story, which was reported in a 1994 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. She had saline breast implants and asserted that the swishing sound generally came when she was at high altitudes.

Why? Dr. James J. Bachman attributed the noise to Boyle’s Law, which provides a formula for the expansion and contraction of gas that varies with temperature and pressure. The woman’s breast implants contained a quantity of air, which expanded when the woman was at higher altitutudes and thus lower air pressure.

Photo: Docteur Spitalier Philippe

Source: neatorama

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